Leo Giamani is back! (tip @ Cocolover)

For those who missed Leo Giamani, he just had a solo shoot at Paragon Men. The photo below was shared by Paragon Men on twitter yesterday.


This suggest that he might do hard core scenes again. Which porn studio(s) would you want to see him work?

31 thoughts on “Leo Giamani is back! (tip @ Cocolover)

  1. WTF he looks even better than before . I want to see him at Staghomme, Menatplay or Raging STallion.

  2. I do hear you Dean-but he is so exceptionally beautiful that he gets away with it!I always sensed that he was shy and that it came across as slightly awkward & detached on film.
    That said, lets just enjoy enjoying this perfect physical specimen ;D

  3. Leo Giamani would be fun to watch if he had any enthusiasm during his performances, but every scene of his I’ve seen is comparable to watching dead fish mate. Ick. The pics are nice, but the vids? No thanks. I’d rather watch a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

  4. I agree–What’s the point of being a big dicked Italian stud, if you look half asleep in yous scene, and that big sausage dick can barely manage an enthusiastic limp? He was one of those guys that you wanted to like because he was so hot, but you just couldn’t because his performance was so underwhelming.

  5. He looks so derped out in that pic though, not shade or anything, its just so broadcasted to me

  6. I am really happy to see Leo back. He is one of the two hottest men on my list. I kept looking and looking to see if he was escorting anywere, I would have considered flying in just to hop in the sack with him. The ultimate scene I would love to see Leo in is with my other favorite retiree, Berke Banks. I would love to see them in a flip fuck. The sight of either of those guys produces an immediate hard on for me, the thought of the two of them together might actually be dangerous for me. I was always very impressed with the way that Leo was fully versatile, masculine, and so relaxed with it. Simply beautiful man.

  7. Responses for Dean’s comment are spot on. I joined Cocksure at its inception with anticipation of seeing Leo bareback and get fucked bareback. He is a complete SNOOZER in the sack. In fact, the biggest point of contention was whether he was straight or gay. To me it didn’t matter WHAT he was, it was clear that while he looked like a nuclear bomb of hotness, in the sack he was a DEF CON 4 DUD!
    Stick to modelling naked, Leo. And we don’t want to hear about your advanced degrees and education because clearly they’re not really paying off now are they?

  8. WHY? So you and the rest of the sexual population can be disappointed by this monolith of monotony?!??!!?

  9. Terrible performer, but he was so so so hot. Great dick and body, great ass, handsome face. I wish he’d fuck me.

  10. I love seeing gay pornstars in str8 scenes that’s so sexy 😉 he’s hot, would like to see his cock in a pussy 🙂

  11. He’s having a difficult financial time… he worked in real state in philly but got into economical problems, his girlfriend dumped him

  12. Obviously without going into too much detail RSP, how do you know about the girlfriend situation? I had also heard that he had been in a relationship with the same guy since high school?

  13. i know through fb, but he closed it like a month ago, i think.
    He used to be in a relationship with a guy, broke up with him (dont know hy) got a girlfriend and she dumped him.
    I think he got fired from the agency where he worked…

  14. By all accounts, even though he’s been retired from porn, he’s been escorting constantly since. Nothing as highbrow as rentboy.com, but apparently in local ads.

  15. It appears he is up to his old tricks.
    Hopefully, this time around there will be less drama. More common sense when dealing with porn blogs, and avoiding drugs at all costs.
    Maybe randy blue could get him on cam. He could make more money with RB, because RB offers a substantial cut of credits if you are a Randy Blue model.

  16. Agreed…it’s hot watching gay porn stars fuck pussy. My point is: Leo is boring fucking guys…it’s not going to get any more exciting with labia majora involved!
    Like your style though Tiara. We should flick beans together sometime!

  17. I’m getting sick reading your comments. Watching any cock in pussy is not hot at all, and exalting it in a place where most readers are gay is disgusting.
    @Tiara: If you like it so much, go to your favorite str8 porn sites, you mentioned and stay there.

  18. I never comment on porn sites or blogs but I’ve been waiting for his comeback! I love me some Leo. By far my favorite porn star of all time. I don’t care if some of his videos he wasn’t totally into it, bc the ones that he was into it were on point. Like with Blake Riley, Colby Keller, or Derrek Diamond. The good ones out way the few bad. Besides, can you blame him for not being too invested with some of those guys they put him with? It seems to get a good performance out of him he has to be attracted or at least semi-attracted to his scene partner. Otherwise, he falls flat. I know it’s asking a lot of porn producers & companies to let him pick his partners, but it would be worth it in the end. That said, while I am excited for his return, these pics are lacking. Maybe the rest will be better & I’m sure they will. It’s just the lighting is awful & he almost looks like a deer in headlights. Prob just having to get back into the swing on things after being gone so long. Leo & his cock are too beautiful to not share with the world. He prob has the prettiest dick I’ve ever seen on film or life. Welcome back, Leo.

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