27 thoughts on “POLL Stu or Brandon of Sean Cody?

  1. Oh that is so not fair! Make me choose between Brandon and, say, Aidan, or between Stu and, like, Calvin, and the choices are clear. But between Brandon and Stu??? Nuh huh. Ain’t goin’ there!

  2. Brandon, Stu is hot but str8 and he doesn’t suck cock. that is kinda boring. sometimes he overdoes the scene which makes it looks fake. waiting for Brandon being bottom.

  3. It was a very easy choice! Brandon is a much better performer. And has a much more beautiful face. Stu has a fantastic body (gymnast?) and a very nice face, but his face is not near Brandons.

  4. Hmmmm, that’s a REALLY tough choice—If we’re going merely on looks, I will pick Stu (and only by a small margin). The reason? I am a sucker for dark, pretty eyes!Stu’s eyes are gooorgeous!
    If we’re going by fucking technique (since it is porn), I’ll give that honor to Brandon. He’s somewhat a better top.
    But since it is Valentine’s Day, if I had to pick one of them to be in my bed tonite, I would pick Stu, because at least he’s versatile.
    Great poll, Denz! You should do more polls like this, they are thought-provoking.

  5. Really tough choice. Went with Stu ’cause he’s versatile. They’re equally handsome but Stu’s cuter and that always get me!
    Next choice Stu or Brandon vs. Coleman!

  6. Stu is hotter and is not scared of the dick. Brandon is a sissy boring one-trick pony who can’t bottom!

  7. Awwww man! You can’t vote twice to boost the stats?????
    I say “Stu”. YES, Brandon is hot as shit but clearly he is only willing to do so much and not give up that precious cherry.
    And for THAT….Stu is the edged winner: versatile and just having a great sexy time! Brandon would do well to learn from this young stud. Looks aren’t everything if you aren’t gonna taste the panoply of what porn has to offer!

  8. An impossible choice. I voted for Brandon because I checked “View Results” first and saw Stu was leading by a bit, and I would like to see a tie. If you had also listed Kris Evans as one of the choices, my head would have exploded. When it comes to choosing between porn gods, we mere mortals are helpless.

  9. to Denz-
    videos are shot weeks if not months before they’re
    posted online. so assuming that both Brandon and Stu
    are both still currently working for SC i have to
    choose Brandon. the tie breaker is Brandon’s absolutely
    extraordinary nipples and his super sexy smile.

  10. Brandon all the way. He one of the best looking guys at Sean Cody. Stu is cute and has the best body at Sean Cody

  11. Judging solely on looks, I’d go for Stu. Brandon, while cute just seems too bulky for me. Stu’s proportions are so much nicer.

  12. I had to choose “I can’t decide.” As a nipple lover, Stu gets my rocks off plus he’s a hunky lifeguard. Brandon’s nipples get me too but I’m also an ass man and dat ass is a work of art. Also, I’ve been following Brandon on Twitter and really love his personality. Seems to be a really chill guy.

  13. Nearly 2500 people responded to this poll and fewer than 80 don’t like Stu and Brandon. It is a tribute to the quality of these two models. They are both physically beautiful, have fun and upbeat personalities, are great performers and are real quality guys. I don’t know how Sean Cody does it but he sure gets the cream of the crop to work for his studio.

  14. As a Nipple lover I’d go for Stu.
    Stu is hotter and sexier than Brandon (only a very small margin). I like Stu because he’s versatile he’s eye is gorgeous.

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