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Here's the deal – I love porn and quite frankly there's just not enough good reviewing out there for clips (hence scrolling and trolling through the comments sections of all the gay porn blogs to get a sense of whether a scene is worth my time). Of course watching porn can be as mind-numbing or artistic an experience as you want it – think of it as existentialism for porn! We see what we want to see. One man's hotness is another's trash..

My aim: Give you my opinion as a jumping off point as to whether you want to spend your time with the clip. And yes….I'm WORDY and fairly in-depth.

There's a really simple rating system:

"Wank Worthy" = stream/download right away because this baby's HOT!

"Store for Later" = not necessarily an immediate watch right away but maybe after you’re done seeing some other hot stuff you can check this out on your downtime.

"BIN IT" = complete bust and belongs in the recycle bin.

ALSO: Let me know (through MOP) what you like and don't like and what you'd like me talk about in the reviews. I love that it’s a collective effort here at MOP (!) So without further ado:

Solo: Ellis of Corbin Fisher (aired 02/09/14)


Overall Impression: Hot…sizeable cock (it's listed as a 7.0 but that's not how I see it), good technique: he likes to double hand it, employs an eagle grip and apparently loves his head being stimulated, very responsive to touch and moans a lot. Money shot was more of a dribble (two pops, then the rest dribbles out – not much trajectory. THAT WAS TWO DAYS WORTH???). Has breakout potential but nothing STELLAR from this clip alone, especially with what looks to be a major self-tanning faux paux/disaster (check out his orange stained hands and palms and the splothy orange clusters about his elbows.Tsk tsk. Friends don't let friends drink and self-tan!). STORE FOR LATER


5'11" and 19 years old, Ellis is the newest Corbie with a solo to go up, and quite frankly there is a lot to like: an affable personality (he tends to chuckle after every statement), great lean physique, moles (MY GOD…..THE MOLES!!!!! It's a good thing, folks), sleek biceps and abs (but lets face it, he's not winning Mr. Universe, ok?). Not only does this cat have a goofy tech-gamer vibe, but he looks as if he is the love child of Corbin Fisher's own Connor and Brayden with an accent I can't quite place (northeast? Middle to upper south east coast?).


Things we learn from his interview: The kid is not shy and recounts two sex in public stories (his V-card punch story is reminiscent of a famed story told by straight porn star James Deen); he likes the stretchiness of Calvin Klein seamless boxer briefs, can bench press an impressive amount for his frame; gets compliments on his abs.

Ellis_corbinfisher_04 Ellis_corbinfisher_05

Solo clips are what they: Ellis moves from reclining to transitioning to an all fours position where the camera follows him, showing off his fuzzy crack (swoon). There's even some light hole fingering involved (calm your jets – he rubs more than fingers). Fetishy consumers will love those ass shots and a great shot of Ellis propping himself up that captures his face and his cute armpit hair in one frame.

2 thoughts on “REVIEW by Alias74 – Ellis of Corbin Fisher

  1. For a solo to work for me, it has to show the guys’ hairy armpits in the final stages. It’s nice if they have some pubes (totally untrimmed like Chaos Men is best) and a nice, tight nutsack where you can see the individual nuts bobbing about and tightening up. Not much to ask. LMAO.

  2. I hear ya. I usually check out the solos for the beginning interview and then fast forward to the nut shot. I feel like when I was watching porn in 90’s there was a lot of that disappearing nut stuff but a lot of the guys in porn now have big swinging balls so that doesnt seem to happen as much.
    Thanks for commenting.

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