Review by Alias74 – Tahoe: Trenton Does Marc

Tahoe: Trenton Does Marc from Corbin Fisher (aired 02/11/14)


Overall impression: Good heat in the later proceedings (doggy and final missionary), but some of the editing and maligned shots kill the momentum. Trenton is clearly MVP here with his sucking and fucking skills up against a mostly flaccid but receptive Marc who steals the final moments with a money shot that is a propulsive volcanic eruption (!) Trenton – stop worrying about the cream pie and either back up so we can see your cum shot or just go internally (shallow so the bottom can push it out, which is the straight version of “creampie”). WANK WORTHY.


CF brings its brand of Travelogue Porn to Tahoe (I flunked geometry and have no idea WHERE that is), and while the full film has yet to premiere, subscribers get exclusive scenes from the shoot. First up long, lean, cupid's bow lipped Trenton and gravelly-voiced, board enthusiast Marc. After a cute little opening montage of the boys (Kellan, Quinn, Trenton, Marc clowning and preening in Tahoe), the action starts proper as Marc and Trenton sidestep on a trail for a little oral in a secluded part of the woods – the oral portion of this scene is short-lived, 40 seconds max. Sadly there are hard cuts and edits where Marc’s cock isn't hard (it even goes soft mid pan at one point!) despite Trenton's clearly professional and elite BJ skills.


Action moves to the bathroom and the next segment fares a little better. Blog commenters of late have been whining about how the clips just start with the action with no foreplay. REJOICE! These cats make out for the better part of three minutes – lots of kissing, groping, necking, clothes comes off in pieces. GREAT STUFF.

Next we're treated to about three minutes of rimming with Marc foisted on the sink counter (THE MARBLE!!!!! Where was this shot? I wanna fuck there too!). Trenton really excels here – alternating from tonguing Marc's hole to teabag chewing. Porn DP’s need to invent a better way of capturing rimming – we don't get a lot of actual close shots of tongue penetration, but Trenton’s motorboating and spitting gets an awesome "exorcist – eye roll back into head" reaction from Marc. By minute 9:22 though, Marc has gone soft (AGAIN!) by the time Trenton starts poking his cock head around Marc’s wet hole.


Fucking starts at 9:54 – again Trenton takes the lead in terms of performance here. Kid knows how to move his hips and fuck. Cinematography really starts to lack here, even with the standard two camera setup. Not a lot of good close up shots, and golden opportunities are missed not zooming in when Trenton starts pulling all the way out and shoving his cock back in (it's covered from the side with a nice squelchy noise, and then from under but from a distance – you barely see Marc’s wrecked hole). Marc is disappointingly soft throughout these proceedings. There is a transition (with Marc HARD this time) to standing doggy as Trenton forces Marc to watch himself get fucked in the bathroom mirror. This segment generates some heat, there's dirty talk, some light choking (and by light I mean it literally looks like Trenton just rests his fingers on Marc's neck – really?!!?!?!?), better shots of the action – an undershot of the fucking while Marc's hard cock (FINALLY!) helicoptors a little (swoon love me a good helicopter!).


There's a white out (WHAT?) and then the penultimate position: Marc teetering precariously on the edge of the tub in the bathroom while Trenton fucks him missionary. Trenton really gets into fucking Marc here, only deal is the scattered editing and lack of closeup hole shots almost kills it. But we get some awesome wide shots and one PRICELESS moment starting at 16:13 where Trenton who has stepped one leg into the tub for better penetration and traction fucks in all the way to hilt causing Marc’s legs to spontaneously spring closed from the jolt of pain and to push Trenton’s cock out. As Marc yelps in pain, Trenton just laughs and continues pounding!

Now where was all that aggression in the earlier parts of the clip?!?!?!?!?!


Marc, at 17:44 clearly goes soft being missionary fucked (maybe this position ain't for you, Marc), but there is cut and then a pan and we see Marc fully hard, cumming while getting fucked. His cumshot is one for the record – SEVEN HUGE BLASTS, the first three dribble-pop but the next three ROCKET across Marc’s body. Judge's panels scores it at a 8.5 out of 10! Trenton creams pretty nicely but blocks the shot by keeping his cockhead too close to Marc’s taint, presumably in an effort to "creampie" – or in CF language, cum then ram it back in – before going soft. It should be noted that CF's version of "creampie" varies quite differently from the straight porn variant and they would do well to duplicate THAT version. 2nd camera replay from the underside angle catches it better and then Trenton goes in for an awkward, awkward…did I say, awkward?… creampie. Fade to black.

17 thoughts on “Review by Alias74 – Tahoe: Trenton Does Marc

  1. I simply have not been feeling CorbinFIsher lately—Unless they do something to pique my interest soon (like put out a Smith update) then I am ditching them.

  2. I’ve always been curious why some guys need to see a “wrecked hole” in order to get off to a vid. I can’t comment as to the quality of the vid itself as I have not seen it. But that comment really inflamed my curiosity. I mean…ya know there are websites for that kind of stuff (inflamed holes, whipped backs backs, milk enemas, etc.) I just didn’t know anyone expected CF to be one of them.

  3. You do have to wonder…why are these so-called straight boys willing to get their holes “wrecked” instead of just getting a job at McDonald’s or stocking shelves at a supermarket?
    Some openly gay guys in porn love it, absolutely love it, but is the money really worth it to anyone who doesn’t?

  4. Marc is smoking, Trenton isn’t. CF markets itself on the fantasy of bicurious guys exploring that curiosity, but guys like Trenton arent curious, haha, theyre experienced, fluent and well versed in all things GAY! Trenton is so light on his feet, he’s about to spawn wings and fly away! There’s nothing worse or more unattractive to me than a Femme Queen, and it doenst matter how muscle bound they are, I want my men to sound like men and guys like Dawson and this Trenton have a little too much song in their voice for me! It seems a pretty cut and dry format for a gay porn site to abide by to ensure success. Have two hot, masculine guys, college aged ones if that’s your thing, go at it hard and long! If you want a butch bottom to stay hard while theyre getting fucked, you better make sure a butch top is fucking him, ie someone who could beat them in a fist fight! Marc could wipe the floor with Trenton, and if he wasnt getting paid to let him, Im sure Marc would never let this guy top him! That’s just not hot to watch!

  5. “Trenton is so light on his feet, he’s about to spawn wings and fly away!”
    Who knew Rev. Pat Robertson was a fan of gay porn.

  6. I’ve got to say, Marc does scream power-bottom to me. I don’t think I could take him seriously topping or even with a woman. I think he’s found his vocation.

  7. Absoloutely, and I’m also a for real member of Corbin Fisher, and I wish that this was a POV video of Marc getting fucked without Trenton’s fairy dust all over it! Im out and proud, I just cannot stand limp wrist syndrome! You dont have to agree with my opinion, that’s why it’s mine and not your’s! If I wanted to get off to girl’s my life would be a lot easier, but I don’t, and when I want to get off in my “real” life hook ups it’s with real men and not girly boys, and I want that in my porn too!

  8. Marc is perfection, if you ever checked Trenton out on flirt4free you wouldnt be talking smack! He’s super effeminate, swears he doesnt hook up with men in his regular life, and only does in porn because he’s paid too! That’s solid, cool, but your also an entertainer and you should stick to that role, and guess what bro, btw you sucked cock, made out with a dude and took it hard up your cornhole, your gay! Welcome to the club, and although I’ve enjoyed a lifetime membership to our elite club, and am proud to be a full fledged, card carrying member, I wouldnt fuck you, and I hate when a girly boy like you flips his wrist limply and says, “oh Im’ not gay, I just do it for the money!” SICK!!!

  9. girls* and apologies for any of my other typos! But not for the comment in which theyre contained!

  10. EJ , I so agree with you. CF had been in the doldrums for the last 6 months. The pairings have off, the Tahoe and Scand. Settings lackluster. I write cf after every post, rank them one star and gets worse each week. Ugggg, I use to anticipate each post, now I just cringe and think “fail”‘ again.

  11. Marc…clips on both ACM and CF Select have intermittently featured close-ups of wet dripping holes and gapes (there is even a CLASSIC Holland Tunnel gape by former CF performer Ryan Rockford in one of the early orgy scenes. Corbin Fisher tends the hold the more hardcore clips (gapes, dripping orifices, choking, ramming, gagging) to CF Select but they have been creeping in every now and then on ACM.
    All these hallmarks are things that are prevalant and in nearly EVERY straight porn scene. Videographers and even former performers who wield the camera have admitted that they are influenced by straight porn in their filming – positions, shots, camera angles, and yes “wrecked holes”.
    It seems to me you are confusing “wrecked holes” with things like fetish, fisting, rosebud (nee prolapses), etc. My bad for using a misleading and erroneous term.

  12. Hope that my reviews can at least spurn some discussion about the clip itself. What I found most bothering was Marc’s increasingly limp cock through out. Contrast that with the clip where he fucks Kellan in the kitchen….Dude is rock hard and sticking out a foot long (!)
    Maybe there wasn’t any chemistry with Trenton. Trenton does strike me as a little effeminate but then again I’ve known straight guys that act gay and gay guys that act straight and normal guys that turn out to be bi so what do I know?

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