15 thoughts on “The top in Asher Hawk’s Gay Castings scene was Alex Adams (tip @ crakpot)

  1. I love the long interviews and general get-to-know-the-modelness of Gay Castings. And, I think it’s a great vehicle to introduce new talent to the business. But, I hate POV camera work and I hate how they obscure the identity of the interviewer. It seems like they’re just copying a page out of straight porn’s play book with these new POV videos but I just don’t think it’s a formula or format that translates very well to the gay/bi audience.

  2. Totally agree there. This POV crap (or cutting out a performer) just doesn’t work for gay porn. Everyone’s face needs to be visible.

  3. It goes further. Having to film a scene without ever showing the top’s face places a tremendous limitation on the camera work, resulting in a less satisfactory scene. And the joke is that most, if not all, of the invisible tops have done gay porn scenes where they’ve shown their faces.

  4. Slow news day, Denz?
    You could’ve at least credited JUB users.
    How long have you been lurking on Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher thread? You’re nothing but a thief. You disgust me.

  5. ^^^^^ this is unrelated to the post about a shitty gay “casting” site.
    But we never forget the fact that you’re a thief.

  6. I did give credit to crakpot, he was the one who sent me the email (including photos). I did not read it at JUB.
    I do (& did) credit JUB if I got the information from them.

  7. I’m the one who sent Denz an email about this. Since I can’t connect to JUB -which I believe is an abbreviation for Justusboys- because our government blocked it, I didn’t know that this information was already posted there. I read some comments here, people wondering who the mysterious top is, and I happened to recognize who he is. So I sent Denz an email, and I had no intention of stealing any credits. Sorry, Denz.

  8. Oh fuck JUB and this douche, On behalf of JUB users. What does lurking on SC and CF threads have to do with anything?

  9. You guys are dumb. I wasn’t talking about this post by crackpot LOL HAHAAHAHAHA

  10. “I do (& did) credit JUB if I got the information from them.”
    No you didn’t bitch. Some of your blog posts were clearly “inspired” by what hardworking gays at Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher thread on JUB said. You’re just a thief you could’ve at least credited them for “contributing” to your blog you old fuck.

  11. I just read the last 5 pages of CF forum at JUB. I think they were referring to Texas Fan, who gives CF reviews.
    The reviews I posted were not written by me. But, a fellow porn fan and a good friend, Alias74. His own opinions and words on the scenes he watched. I don’t think Alias visits JUB. Two people can have the same opinion on one scene.
    Review by Alias74 – Kenny Taps Truman’s Ass

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