15 thoughts on “Then & Now on Duncan of Sean Cody

  1. I’m not a tattoo fan, but the textual tattoos had a certain elegance to them. Now it’s just a mess.

  2. UGH… what’s with this obsession with buzz cuts… they make people look so ugly. Definitely “THEN”

  3. Not a fan of the buzz cut, but it will grow out. However he’s got those awful tattoos forever. Not sure why such a good looking guy wants to spoil his appearance.

  4. I think they’re overcompensating…like branding themselves with a big cross or “God” makes up for what they’re getting up to, because they see it as so wrong.

  5. Probably a similar motivation to that of the porn viewers who frequently talk trash about the porn models. They really do believe that porn is evil/dirty and you can’t possibly be a good person if you act in or view porn. Most of us have been raised to believe that sex is actually dirty. “Doing the nasty”, “Dirty books and movies”. Back in the day Catholics were even taught that masturbation was the sin of “self abuse” others were told it would cause blindness. No wonder many carry around such absurd baggage.

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