Then & Now on Prentice of Chaos Men

In 2010, Prentice was introduced by Chaos Men.    



It was only 3 years later that Prentice agreed to have a scene with another guy.




Then & Now


11 thoughts on “Then & Now on Prentice of Chaos Men

  1. wow, he is attractive. chaosmen needs to get more nasty though. like eating cum out of an asshole. straight porn does it all the fucking time

  2. A bit more INK and a heck of a lot more BEEF. It’s always nice to see a Model returning to be a Porn-Star, and Prentice deserves the “Tipping of the Hat”.
    Thanks – DENZ, for featuring Prentice. 🙂 🙂

  3. That cumming scene was one of the hottest I’ve seen in a while.
    More interracial porn please.

  4. Wow, litper! Your comment was like EONS hotter than anything produced by or NDS.
    I second it!

  5. The real story here? Shiloh is quickly becoming a Chaosmen superstar along the lines of Ransom and Vander. What a hot stud willing to do any and everything! Ignore the tats and go with the hotness!

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