This week’s controversies – Mike Dozer and Seth Treston Santoro

Yesterday, news of  Mike Dozer‘s arrest last year just came into light in gay porn. The arrest happened last December 18, 2013. News of the incident was already reported last Dec 24, 2013 and last month by news publications. Mike Dozer will return to court this coming February 27, 2014. The sad part was that it involved a 14 year old boy and a 33 year old HIV positive man.


Seth Treston, now known as Seth Santoro, is working for other porn studios even if he is still under contract with Lucas Entertainment.


Considering the norm for contracts is less than a year, Seth is contracted to Lucas Entertainment till 2016.

[Michael Lucas @ QMN] Seth Treston is a Lucas Entertainment model and yes he just violated his contract again. He is under the contract and he will remain so until the expiration of the agreement on June 17, 2016. In the meantime he has no right to work for any one else. We are contacting all the studios letting them know that he is under an exclusive agreement.

Husband’s (Billy Santoro) comment at QMN

Fact – Lucas didn’t pay Seth or Michael Lachlan for a fetish scene.

Fact – Lucas changed his business model to BB this voiding Seth’s previous agreement.

Fact- Lucas didn’t not pay Seth at the contractual time agreed upon for any scenes.

Fact- proper STD testing was not conducted post bb agreement (Seth caught Chlamidia on set)

Fact- Seth was sexual harassed by Lucas personally on multiple ocassional behind the scenes.

Fact- employee has the right to leave a contract when unsafe work conditions are present.

Fact- Lucas threatened studios but never tried to sue the model because he knows he will lose.

Fact- studios are afraid of Lucas for some stupid reason.

Fact- Lucas has slandered Mosel and models family to other industry participants.

6 thoughts on “This week’s controversies – Mike Dozer and Seth Treston Santoro

  1. Sorry but having an article about a pedohile poz sexual predator and then following it with a whore who uses different names to make more scenes and more money is wrong. Dozer should be shamed publicly for his crimes, not put in a puff piece about someone who can’t get enough dick or cash for their meth habit.

  2. Mike Dozer..never liked him.
    Seth and His Husband…They are some messy bitches. Got an STD on a BB set…shocking. Sexually harassed on a porn set…Shocked.
    His husband is a closet lawyer…..Mind Blown.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if most or all of what Billy Santoro writes is perfectly true. Lucas even did a porn parody of his skinflint ways, starring as a producer who wouldn’t pay his performers on time. You really got the feeling it was a slice of life. Considering Lucas’s crazy antics over the years, I wouldn’t put it past him to claim he was testing, and not do it.
    He does have a point–if there’s really a contract violation, sue Seth, don’t go around asking studios not to hire him.

  4. Mike Dozer should be buried for what he did. I could care less about the other story. Michael Lucas let someone get chlamydia? LOL

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