More steroids mass and muscles for Travis of Corbin Fisher (tip @ Aaron)

Checking the photos at Corbin Fisher, the last scene of Travis was released last March 2012. 

Travis_corbinfisher_thennow_01 Travis_corbinfisher_thennow_02  
Travis_corbinfisher_thennow_03 Travis_corbinfisher_thennow_04  

On CF Select, the last scene released was last October 2013.


This photo was shared on 10 months ago.


33 thoughts on “More steroids mass and muscles for Travis of Corbin Fisher (tip @ Aaron)

  1. Travis always gave great performances. Hope he’s enjoying retirement….of course if he comes back, please bottom!!!! LOL!

  2. More steroids? LOL Now now, Denz. It is possible he achieved that bulk by natural means 🙂 Enjoy the game, fellas (some of us like football :-))

  3. Travis was always a favorite of mine, his first few scenes were incredible – numerous hands-free cum shots! He was equally good topping and bottoming, but he SHINED when taking dick! It is hard for me to believe he is str8 – pretty convincing actor portrayals! Guess it was just wishful thinking on my part.
    It is nice to hear that he is doing well and survived the “porn scene” (drugs, disease, escorting, etc.) The fact that he saved his CF money to invest in real estate is quite commendable!
    Good for him!

  4. On that reddit link, some dude says Travis “lives in a mansion” and “he also made enough money to be become a multi million dollar real estate speculator,”… I have doubts that is true or maybe the money came from elsewhere. Because if Travis did 45 scenes before retitiring, at 3,000 a scene (and that’s generous) that’s $145k. I don’t think that’s enough money to buy one mansion yet alone invest in real estate.
    Anyway, he looks hot. He looks like Dawson and Connor when they went full tilt on body-building.

  5. sounds like travis was kind of a head-case. don’t know why this is surprising. reading the reddit stuff i understand why corbin gave him his walking papers. he was good, but not that good.

  6. I’m sure that others will strongly disagree with me, but I don’t think that publishing this post re: Travis was necessarily the right thing to do. It’s a question of ethics. I think that the information revealed is too personal (and potentially defamatory) and may be a violation of privacy (especially as it’s being disseminated on a fairly widely read gay porn blog like this one).
    I read the Reddit post many months ago and had a similar debate with the original poster – lengthyounarther, who very likely did grow up with Travis – about the wisdom of writing such posts (even though he probably didn’t have malicious intentions). I guess what’s done now is done and really none of my business.
    In any case, IMO Travis is CF’s all-time ‘superstar’ and, if lengthyounarther is to be believed, it sounds like life is definitely treating him very well these days! Good luck to him. (Although it sounds like he’s probably a hardcore right-wing libertarian…boo).
    Regarding the real estate millionaire bit, my hunch is that he has a ‘daddy’ who is successful in real estate and he may help out with that. Again, just an opinion and, regardless, Travis came across as someone who would always land on his feet. A ‘live by your wits and die by your wits’ kind of guy.

  7. He’s just flexing his muscles in that pic! He’s still skinny. I guess it’s just his new haircut that makes him looks a bit different.

  8. Travis was always one of the best performers at CF. I loved the lean muscular Travis and the Muscle Man Travis looks even hotter. I hope the juice hasn’t changed his sweet personality.

  9. By the way @Denz (or anyone else) do you guys know why CF changed their site so that performers profiles are no longer searchable in a drop-down menu, and cannot be sorted by name, etc? Seems inconvenient, I went to look up Travis’ movies and could not find his profile without having to click page by page.

  10. I fully support James’s point of view regarding defamatory statements and disclosures. Much of what was mentioned @ Reddit should be considered PRIVATE and confidential.
    As listed by CF,…Travis is now 29+ and exceeds the 27 age threshold for a Corbie. ….and therefore very unlikely to see any return to the CF-camera and spot-lights.
    Travis II,..deserves to be commended for his devotion and contribution to the success of Liberty Media and Corbin as they celebrate their 10th Anniversary. 🙂 🙂

  11. yeah they seem to be going out of the way to make it the most user un-friendly site on the net! and for paying customers, no less!

  12. find it hard to believe that someone who’s a millionaire real estate speculator would have pictures of himself flashing bush. this picture looks like it’s from a cam site. far more likely travis is barely making ends meet rubbing ’em out in front of a web-cam.

  13. I almost always prefer the lean, toned swimmer kind of body but Travis looks really hot with the muscle. It suits him.

  14. Ew. He looked better before. One of the best bottoms on CF ever and he had a nice dick. All these new guys on CF are boring white bread.

  15. Yeah, CF is the king of “Ain’t broke, fix it anyway.” Their website and removing Dawson & Connor from the active roster are two prime examples.

  16. PEOPLE!!!! Did Denz post the actual content of the Reddit post?
    NOOOOOO! Who brought it all up? YOU DID…If MOP reposts a link, it is NOT the same as publishing the information therein. He merely provided a source for the photo.
    By commenting on the content of the link, those who pointed out the confidential nature of it are just drawing attention to it. Reddit has its own responsibilities to moderate and watch for comments. Sadly, this is the curse of technology and free speech. Take it or leave it.
    As for Travis, there are always going to be people who semmingly land on their feet like this and have “assistance” in their endeavors. It is not ours to judge or say it’s a wrong way to live. That said, I have always admired and thought TRavis was a great, sexual performer. He may not have always stayed completely hard in his later clips but he certainly gave you his money’s worth (hands free HOTNESS!).

  17. Fair points :-), you’re right.
    Also, it wasn’t a negative judgement at all about the ability to always land one’s feet – with or without help. If anything, I meant it as a compliment to Travis. I see it as an indication of strength.

  18. I love “Travis”, he is hands down the only model at CF I ever really liked watching in action (Gay, straight, bi, I love all his scenes!), but doesn’t his updated picture make him look like Killface from Frisky Dingo?

  19. I have no idea what Travis’ sexual orientation is, but that man made some hot gay porn in his time at CF and I’m glad he did it. He could be a great actor – maybe he didn’t enjoy those scenes as much as he appeared to. I’ve read out, gay porn actors say they’ve had sex they didn’t enjoy on camera and when I’ve watched some of those scenes I couldn’t tell they’d had a bad time shooting them. So I don’t assume that a guy is gay just b/c he appears to enjoy gay sex on camera.
    If I’m interested in putting any of these gay porn guys in a box based on what I think their sexual orientation is, I want to know the gender(s) of the ppl they have sex with off camera for free. What they do on camera for money or even off camera for money tells me little about which box I’d place them in. B/c I am convinced that ppl can and do have sex w/ppl they are not attracted to for all sorts of reasons. I am convinced that many ppl are able to divorce sex from attraction and pleasure but can fake either or both. Not unlike those of us who can divorce sex from love pretty easily while others really struggle w/that.

  20. Indeed…I see your point about “strength”. Without going into too much detail, I actually met, spoke with someone in a similar situation like “Noel” from Sean Cody – the student who did porn allegedly to support his mother and then got suspended, then reinstated by his school in Florida. Sadly the performer I spoke to ended up in a “legal” conundrum.
    I only mention that because somewhere along the line the strength becomes dependence. Like it or not the steretype about the porn industry and the type of personality it attracts has some MAJOR truth to it. On our end we glorify and pedastal the porn stars (I know I do) but for some when you peek behind the curtain there are issues, let’s just say that. So for Travis, it’s porn for cash one segment of his life, sugar daddy’s the next. My concern is (and not to get hyperbolic but that’s me): how long until we see a mugshot or news of rehab or worse, a murder trial or a RIP notice?

  21. Yes. Travis was indeed a good top but I loved when he was taking it up the ass. And thank God he has no tattoos are at least no hideous ones.
    Now if I could just get a glimpse of my Derek, Matt, Dante, Carter (the black one) Cody and a few others.

  22. Still fine as ever. I think he stop filming a while ago. I didn’t even know he was still releasing scenes. There obviously ones that they never got around in releasing

  23. guess i’m going to be in the minority when i say i find his performances wooden and way over-acted. never for a moment made be believe he wasn’t in it only for the money.

  24. There are plenty of guys with kids that like to get their rocks/cocks off with other guys on the low. Having a zoo full of kids means squat when determining your sexuality.

  25. yeah, but 6 kids in as many years. recalls that famous quip of Groucho’s when the couple with 15 kids was on “You Bet Your Life”. He asked them how they did it and their response was “we love each other very much” Groucho shot back “I love my cigar but I take it out of my mouth every once and a while!”

  26. Did you ever see the scene where Travis is riding Aiden and Connor was giving him a hand job? I’m pretty sure that Travis was crying or was about to cry. I doubt he was over-acting…. or even acting. He was just gone on the whole thing.
    I will say though, I looked through other scenes and never saw that sort of “totally losing himself” elsewhere.

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