5 thoughts on “Truman of Corbin Fisher just did a live cam show at Flirt 4 Free

  1. I really enjoy seeing TRUMAN doing more scenes at CF … and will agree on the possibility that many of the Corbies may have been HS Wrestlers prior to becoming a Porn-Star. 🙂 🙂

  2. He’s hot despite his tiny dick. Hope he will try bottoming, perhaps, for the new guys Hayes who is the best thing ever happened to CF since the start of 2014.

  3. I am pretty much over CorbinFisher. Their scenes lately have been really ho-hum. My fave performers have been underutilized (Aiden, Smith, William). Their new performers have about as much enthusiasm as the guys doing solo-jerk offs over at Fratmen. The lighting and camera work in their scenes has gone from adequate to less-than-adequate (especially when you compare it to the MUCH better lighting and cam work over at SeanCody. There’s too many choices in porn out there, to keep paying for mediocre porn.

  4. As a member of the FourInchGang, RUDE, SIR!
    Sure, he’s porn average hung, but think about it: how many big dicked porn stars are no better than a sex toy?

  5. Truman is SUPER HOT….absolutely no denying that. That said, Brayden did ALL the heavy lifting in “Breaking in Truman”. In fact, TRuman looked so out of it, timid, and nervous, it detracted from the opening moments.
    Once he got into the fucking it took off so he definitely shows promise. And when he went down on Brayden at least we know he’s not going to pull that “I have limits” bs.

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