Two hot guys in one scene – Michael Evans and Cole Money

I think Gay Hoopla is doing the right moves in gay porn right now. It makes me want to check the porn site every now and then, wanting to know what they are up to. Today, they released the scene of Cole Money (aka Cole of Fratmen), as the bottom to Michael Evans. 


Cole is still doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free.

FYI Gay Hoopla did minor tweaks with their front page.

Hotguys_michael_evans_cole_money_07 Hotguys_michael_evans_cole_money_08

4 thoughts on “Two hot guys in one scene – Michael Evans and Cole Money

  1. Cole is straight. Landon/Leo is straight. JJ Swift is straight and is the only one of them all that can even convey that he is enjoying the sex. Dmitry is straight and is one of the worst scene partners..I don’t care that he has a big dick. Landon/Leo (site creator) seems to think that he can do the Fratmen strategy (including boring sex) and it’ll sell. NO! Not for me. If you can’t convey that you are enjoying the sex (even if you’re not), then why would I want to pay to see it. Even JJ Swift/Jonah has hinted at this which is why he’s looking at doing his own thing. Hell, Cody Cummings looked like he was having more fun having fake sex than these guys do having real sex.

  2. Is Cole Money the same person as Damien Rush from BG East and Muscle Domination Wrestling?
    To me they look alike but not quite enough to be the same person.

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