What is going on at Corbin Fisher? (sent by Mark)

[opinion by Mark]

A few concerning things about Corbin Fisher have been going on lately. Maybe the studio has lost its beatings?

1. The last 10 or so posts have jettisoned foreplay. That might be a great headline. CF edits films with no foreplay. The last seven to ten videos no longer have the nice chit chat or talk between the models. I like that and came to expect it. Now all the recent posts start in the middle with guys already naked and performing oral sex. Total fail.


2. I wrote about this constantly, and of course no response, but now Corbin Fisher has removed their little Contact Us button at the bottom. Wow, even more removed from their viewership.

Reply from Denz: I never paid attention to it but I see it (put back by CF?).


3. Lastly they debut Connor returns, a fav model, but they pair him with the little swishy queen Bradyn and the membership votes 3 stars. One of the lowest ratings I have seen in my ten years with CF.

Reply from Denz: It is now at four stars. Personally, I don't trust the grading. I don't think CF will allow a grading of less than 4.


 Just wanted to give you this feedback from a very long term member of CF that is concerned the studio may have sold out or Corbin himself is either asleep at the wheel or not in charge.

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  1. Brayden’s a fav of mine as well, and I’ve watched that scene and I totally understand the viewer rating of it, as I myself rated it less that I would have expected to, but the reason for it wasn’t Brayden, at least not directly. It was, gasp, Connor. His performance was surprisingly lackluster. I mean, seriously, he seemed like he was mostly on automatic and even that wasn’t quite getting it done. No enthusiasm, softening cock, where’s the REAL Connor? Oh well, that’s CF for ya lately.

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