With & without condoms for Cy

CY did start at Chaos Men. His four scenes were released from October 2012 to July 2013. In his last scene, he was barebacked by Lane.


After that, we saw him at Spunk Worthy last December 2013, using the same first name. Last February 21, 2014, his scene [gallery] as a bottom to Preston was released.


5 thoughts on “With & without condoms for Cy

  1. I like “CY”,…especially is massage video at Spunkworthy…however for some strange reason his facial expression always seems to say ” I don’t like what I’m doing, but I need the MONEY. “! (Just My Opinion).
    Thanks – DENZ for spot-light “CY”.

  2. I always enjoyed his hairy body. He looks better when he lets the hair on his head grow out though.

  3. Anyone who is having sexual intercourse, whether anal or vaginal, without using condoms is very foolish indeed. It is sexual Russian roulette. The only exception being those who are in a committed monogamous relationship and both are disease free. It is just plain crazy to risk a lifetime of health issues and the possibility of becoming a burden to others, who through their charitable contributions or the taxes they must pay in order to fund your meds and disability income etc.

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