20 thoughts on “2008 VS 2014 Tommy Defendi with Seth Lyons (tip @ Adrian)

  1. I like the 2008 version because they went at it and it was steamy. Where as the 2014 version tommy is just being mad loud for no reason lol but all in all I live both they complement each other

  2. Working in the American gay porn industry for more than 1 year takes a heavy toll on your looks (and most of the time also on your sanity).

  3. I did not realize that the recent releases with Seth were the same guy as back in 2008 and around that time. He did work for some other studios including Treasure Island I believe. Always thought he was a hot bottom. Now he’s a bit more manly looking.
    Never was a huge Tommy Defendi fan so I have not followed his career much.

  4. I prefer Tommy clean shaven, but will take him either way. Pity he smokes as he looks like a hot kisser.

  5. Thanks for this. Didn’t know about Seth’s early work at CD. I knew he’d worked at SX and TIM where he was billed as just Seth. He also did a recent scene at CocksureMen billed as Ian Murphy where he was a top. I prefer his look now to 2008.

  6. Seth Lyons’ work at TIM and RFC is LEAGUES hotter than anything he ever did at CD247.
    Not a real fan of Tommy Defendi….but I do think his cock is aces! Just not into Tommy’s looks and those dark circles. Wonder if he knows about Seth’s bareback work or was even told about it.

  7. Seth is also known at Ian Murphy and recently shot a BB scene for cocksuremen where he fucked Armond Rizzo.

  8. Tommy Defendi is bi or gay for pay according to what I have read in conjunction with him starring on the current season of So You Think You Can Fuck. That makes me lose interest. I am only into the GAY ones.

  9. No one knows about people’s sexual past, which is why condoms are still important. Unless I’m mistaken, condoms were used in this scene.

  10. Defendi is hot and his dick is beautiful. I can’t believe people still care about gay-for-pay. It’s acting and a fantasy! If they got the goods and you get off, then why is it an issue? And so what if he’s bi? Get over it.

  11. von Schlomo… I soooooo agree with you.
    This bearded,buzzed head, gay clone look is just enough to make me lose interest in porn.
    I mean what’s wrong with clean-cut (no beard or stache), nicely coiffed hair. When did being gay equal a rough-thug look ?
    I’ll step off my soap-box now. 🙂

  12. “When did being gay equal a rough-thug look?”
    WTF? So a beard is no equal to a “rough-thug look”? LOL!! The things you learn reading gay pron blogs.

  13. I’d ignore the old version of this enconter.
    Much much better version of the couple now in 2014.
    I love bearded men and body hair.

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