Colt & Truman will have a live cam show at Flirt 4 Free

As of this writing, Colt (Fisher) is currently doing a live cam show at Flirt 4 Free. In my few minutes of watching his show, I got the impression that he loves to please his fans and perform in front of the camera.


I hope I heard it right since Colt whispered it on the camera that he and Truman will have show at Flirt 4 Free. He did not give any more details.

For his work at Corbin Fisher, his scenes with Olivia and Taylor were already released.


20 thoughts on “Colt & Truman will have a live cam show at Flirt 4 Free

  1. If you ever catch Taylor on F4F be sure to ask him how much he enjoys gay sex.
    You’ll never be able to watch his scenes the same way.

  2. I didn’t think I’d care for Colt at all after watching his J/O and str8 scenes, but watching him work over Taylor was awesome. This new boy’s not afraid of anything … thank gawd! He’s already on the Dean’s List in my book. Can’t wait to see him get busy with the likes of Kellan.

  3. Ok ok ok, so for the last month, I been hating on CorbinFisher, bemoaning how their quality has gone down. Then I saw their recent update, of Colt, fucking 1/2 of the hot brother duo: Taylor.
    At 16:30, listen to Colt, as he grabs Taylor by the throat, while ordering him, “Look at me when I FUCK you!..I said, LOOK at me when I FUCK you!”…If that doesn’t make you jizz your pants then you better go see a neurologist–you may be dead from the waist down.
    He just single-handedly gave me a reason to keep giving CF my money. Thank you, Colt! Oh, and can we see more of you Pleeeeease!

  4. Is there a way to catch live shows after they air–like with GayHoopla or GISP? I don’t want to stay up and watch them tease out a live show, but I also don’t want to miss any good action that may happen.

  5. Yeah there is. Kennedy & Kent show was recorded and available to watch. But to anyone who’s about to waste their money I just want to remind you that they’re not going to fuck.

  6. If I decide to dump some of my hard-earned money back into CF, it sounds like this Colt fellow might make that worthwhile. I’ll keep him on my radar.

  7. He said it’s icky. my word not his. but he does not enjoy gay sex AT ALL. No aspect of it what so ever. just the money.
    It’s pretty tragic.
    Truman is really nice though- he’s sweet and sex flexible. He’s a great guy and apparently has diabetes. 🙁
    wish him the best..

  8. I can’t bring myself to watch it because of taylor…he was just so off putting on cam. Hopefully colt does a scene with someone else so i can see what everyone is raving about

  9. Are you serious? I think, at least, Taylor is far better than Reed or Kenny. He’s also a good performer.

  10. He doesn’t find gay sex icky enough to not bareback and take loads, sooo I have a hard time believing he doesn’t enjoy it AT ALL.
    Most people don’t continually perform acts that they find disgusting in order to make a dollar unless they’re facing extreme circumstances. And it really doesn’t look like he is.
    So, either he’s a great actor (and should’ve chosen Hollywood over CF), facing extreme economic circumstances (and he seems healthy enough to me), or is fibbing.
    And in another thread someone said he had experimented with guys before. I tend not to take these guys too seriously about their sexual preference. As long as they turn in a good fuck, I’m good.

  11. you don’t have to enjoy it to do it. you just have to be willing to do it. How many people do think actually enjoy doing what they do for a living? It’s all about putting on a smile and getting through the work day.
    If I ever catch him on cam again, I’ll ask. But he seemed like a jerk when other guys were talking/asking him.

  12. A lot of people don’t enjoy their jobs and only do it for the money–So le’t keep that in mind, when we talk about gay4payers. The competency with which you do your job is not contingent on whether you personally enjoy it. Now, if he did not enjoy it AND it showed in his performance, then I would have a problem with him.

  13. I watched both Colt and Truman on F4F. Both seem like genuinely nice guys. Truman comes off as a good looking and kinda quiet nice guy muscular jock. He is built tough. Colt is physically beautiful and really seems kinda shy. It always surprises me that some of these really physically beautiful guys, who are in front of the camera making gay porn,are actually kinda shy. CF definitely has two winners with these hot guys.

  14. Porn is a fantasy and I never said you have to enjoy it to do it.
    That said, to continually perform an act you find physically and mentally disgusting to collect a check is a sad way to live and unless he’s facing enormous economic hardship smells like homophobic bs to me.

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