For those who missed Will Jamieson (tip @ Bo)

From Bo (via email) "On Blake Mason, he was a staple for many years under the name Adam.  Everywhere else, from English Lads to Eurocreme, he was known as Will Jamieson.  Then he disappeared.  He is back after three years, handsomer and hotter than ever, and is now identified on Blake Mason as Adam Jamieson."

Adam_blakemason_will_jamieson_02 Adam_blakemason_will_jamieson_03 

Will reminds me of Dan Byrd (Travis Cobb) of Cougar Town.

9 thoughts on “For those who missed Will Jamieson (tip @ Bo)

  1. I’m happy to see him back as I really enjoyed his old videos but I wouldn’t say he’s more handsome and hotter than ever. No need for hyperbole. Love his fuzziness and he’s still several times hotter than most of the slags on Blake Mason.
    Just makes me wanna go watch his only bottoming video…it was HOT! Looks like it’s 8 years old now. Wow, how times flies.

  2. Didn’t recognize Will aka Adam at first. He used to be so hot. Now a worn face and a soft flabby body.

  3. Simply hot he always will be. Seen he does mainstream film and tv now as well!Such a great Character!

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