8 thoughts on “Fratmen Dolph is now known as Liam of Corbin Fisher (tip @ Loa)

  1. Every guy that I know shaves his pubes. I shave mine too so theres nothing that we can do lol

  2. I think that most actors in gay porn should be versatile. However, I like a few guys to be, have gun will travel, top only guys who are all about making conquests and adding notches to their belts. Guys like Brandon and Jess at SC. That’s my fantasy, I don’t know if many others share it.

  3. Another FM-Debut STAR…now working in Las Vegas. That’s why Vegas is know as the “Sin City”. LOL!!!
    Glad to see FM-“Dolph” working at a REAL Porn website. 🙂 🙂

  4. He’s very pretty….like “drag queen – Jared Leto” pretty.
    Let’s hope CF gets him bottoms up soon….DAT AZZ!

  5. Maybe they can do something about his completely unnatural looking eyebrows. Two pieces of electrical tape would look more normal than what he’s got now.

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