Jayson of Sean Cody doing live cam shows as Tanner Whitlock (tip @ James)

Jayson is the new guy this week at Sean Cody.

Jayson_aka_tanner_whitlock_01 Jayson_aka_tanner_whitlock_02 

Hours ago, he did a live cam show at Randy Blue using the name Tanner Whitlock. According to James (via email) "He was on RB earlier today, so it's current. It'll be interesting to see if he'll be able to stay on RB Live while working for Sean Cody (though some other models have worked on cam at RB while performing for other studios like Raging Stallion)."


He also did live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free using the same name (Tanner Whitlock). But, that account has been removed.


From James (via email) "In both his old F4F profile, and his RB profile, he indicates he's bisexual, so here's to hoping he'll do more than solo/cam work.  Also, his old F4F profile indicated he was vers, so we'll see what he gets up to at SC. "

UPDATE Tanner is now doing live cam shows at Chaturbate, thanks to dwd999, who sent me this info via email.


20 thoughts on “Jayson of Sean Cody doing live cam shows as Tanner Whitlock (tip @ James)

  1. Ugh, he’s very hot. But I don’t think he’ll be back on SC if he’s working with another studio.

  2. Oh there was a time when “exclusive” and contracts meant something. In this day and age, to quote “Showgirls”: “darlin’…we’re ALL WHORES!”
    That said, he may have only done one solo. I do understand that most of the models at SC sign contracts for scene work. It’s possible a) he never told them he did this and/or b) his scene contract is done.

  3. Feel like we need to find another expression to connote super-drop dead hotness other than “ugh” which sorta sounds negative, yeah?
    AGREED! This guy is super fucking hot! Kinda reminds me of SC Jordan….like this guy is his bigger, stronger, steroided, less acne scarred brother.

  4. They ALL say they are bisexual. Here’s the thing. These men get into gay porn, but are straight. They know their audience wants to not only watch them fuck, but fantasize that they have a chance with them. So, to keep their bread and butter coming, they start giving interviews and making ridiculously coy remarks such as, “I wouldn’t say I am 100% straight”, and other tantalizing (yet vague) labels.
    If you’re bisexual, when’s the last time you had a boyfriend? I thought so. You’re a STRAIGHT male who’s an exhibitionist and uninhibited, so you parlay that into a gay porn career because you don’t mind having another man’s cock in your ass. ‘Not minding” something is not the same desiring it!

  5. many guys are Kinsey 1/2, sexually attracted to both sexes but prefer women, they’re not 100% straight

  6. “Bisexual” is the default setting for cam models on RB now.
    ..and yeah, a lot of guys say they’re bi even though they’ve never done anything with a guy…or thought about it.

  7. to be fair the actual gays in gay porn also pretend to be bisexual or straight to make money (like Mason Wyler when he was on Corbin Fisher).
    The only people who don’t claim to be bisexual are the people who actually are bisexual…they create a laundry list of useless terms like omnisexual, pansexual, curious, selfish etc because they think they’re a unique fucking snowflake who are beyond labels.

  8. That’s for the second sentence. I expressed my annoyance because I don’t think he’ll ever get his hole being penetrated by Abe/Stu/Brandon. That’s just sad.

  9. Just because a bisexual man has never had a boyfriend doesn’t mean he’s not bi. If a gay man has never had a bf that doesn’t mean they’re straight. It’s amazing how closed minded some people are. I’ve seen people accusing gay- identified people of secretly being straight. You can’t win anymore, no matter what label you use.

  10. I think that’s an accurate description of many of the Gay4Pay models in gay porn.

  11. (a) Whatever the studio, all models have to sign a contract granting the studio complete control over the use the model’s image in photos and vids made by the studio and releasing the studio from having to pay royalties. That’s the main purpose of the contract. The contact covers all photos and vids that model will ever do for the studio, so the model doesn’t have to sign a new contract for every scene.
    (b) SC models are not required to agree to exclusivity. But if they do, they receive $400.
    (c) Exclusivity does not obligate the studio in any way. It only obligates the model not to work for a competitor of the studio during the term of exclusivity (typically 90 days). The purpose of exclusivity is to give the studio time to market the model as one of their own.
    (d) Any agreement that purports to limit a person’s ability to obtain work is unenforceable in California, which is where SC operates. Therefore, “exclusivity” agreements are unenforceable in California.
    (e) If a model breaches exclusivity, SC might be able to get his $400 back. Beyond that, all SC could do is simply decline to hire the model in future shoots, which SC can always do anyway, even if the model does not breach exclusivity.

  12. In the SC Jayson movie released March 6, 2014, Jayson says the time of year is “early fall.” So this movie was shot about 5 months ago.

  13. I think we like to think that sexuality is fluid and we can’t categorize ourselves into just gay, straight, or bi, but in reality it’s pretty clear that most of these guys are straight. I don’t know why most commenters on here get their rocks off calling them gay. Not saying you’re doing that, I just see it a lot.
    It always makes me laugh when I hear how every gay person seems to think most straight people are a little bit gay. It’s incredibly ethnocentric of them and I’m sure if you asked them if they were a little bit straight they’d squeak, “Ew, pussy! Hell no!”

  14. AGREED. I never understand when people who are attracted to both men and women refuse to say they’re bisexual. No wonder it’s so hard for straight people to understand us. We make it that way.

  15. “It always makes me laugh when I hear how every gay person seems to think most straight people are a little bit gay.”
    Not EVERY straight man…just the ones getting fucked by other men.

  16. he is masturbate, but when i clicked on his profile it said that i didn’t have access to this performer due to my gender and region (he stopped men fr. watching him probably because he wasn’t getting many tips!!)

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