Marcus of Corbin Fisher is (was) a successful model (tip @ Damian)

From 2005 to 2006, scenes of Marcus were released by Corbin Fisher.

Marcus_corbinfisher_themodel_01 Marcus_corbinfisher_themodel_02 
Marcus_corbinfisher_themodel_03 Marcus_corbinfisher_themodel_04 
Marcus_corbinfisher_themodel_05 Marcus_corbinfisher_themodel_06 

If I am not mistaken, his modelling career took off in 2009 (?).

photos above are screen captures from his website

photo above is from Google Images (the woman is Beyonce)

11 thoughts on “Marcus of Corbin Fisher is (was) a successful model (tip @ Damian)

  1. Mmmmmmm, Marcus is one of my classic favorites of CF. You can google “corbin fisher marcus real name” (works in many other cases, too) and get his real name…and then find his site. The last time I looked into his career he was trying to work his way into acting…I know, we’ve never heard that before. lol
    If you like the classic straight guy is obviously only doing gay porn for the money, then you’ll like his two scenes, especially his bottoming. 😀

  2. Wow, I don’t remember Marcus. And thanks, Eddie, for pointing out that Logan’s the one topping him. I was just about to ask that.

  3. Well, actually, he said Marcus topped Logan. Kyle is the one that topped Marcus. IIRC, Kyle is gay and from the UK.

  4. I just came watching his scene but it has been pulled down from CF several years ago I don’t think you should bring more attention to that as he obviously does not want it.
    A lot of these posts about someone’s “mainstream” career are really doing a disservice to the models.
    If they wanted you to know about it, they’d have a twitter account to promote it under their porn name.

  5. OK, so I don’t know whether my gay card should be taken away or it should get another star on it… but I’d like to thank Denz for letting me know that it was Beyonce in the pic.
    So.. like.. you know.. sue me.. it just so happens that my eyes immediately focus on the guys in any pic and glaze over the women. 🙂 🙂
    And yeah, Marcus IS hot

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