More or less of Johnny Rapid?

If you are a fan of Johnny Rapid, there is always one scene of him released every month since November 2011, except last February 2012 & February 2013.


This month of March, two scenes of him were already released. In a few hours this scene will be released, where Johnny was shared by Vance Crawford and Haigan Sence (aka Tyson).


The 1000th episode of MEN to be released this coming Sunday (March 23, 2014) will also feature Johnny.


Had enough of Johnny Rapid or you want more?

29 thoughts on “More or less of Johnny Rapid?

  1. If he stopped being a twink and gained some muscle then I’d be fine with seeing more of him.

  2. ffs LESS
    Boring, ugly and with the same crappy studio. Sick of seeing his face everywhere.

  3. Not my cup of tea, I know who he is but I’ve never seen any of his movies, nor do I want to. I like masculine bottoms. Good for him and his fans I suppose.

  4. gay4pay. All he talks about is pussy. Such a big turn off. I want to know the guy is enjoying gay sex and not just faking the moans, etc.
    All over the place. Glad someone finally noticed. Sick of him, totally!

  5. I have to admit that I liked him when he first came on the porn scene, but now that he has been f*cked by almost all of the gay porn actors currently working and that after his first few scenes I noticed he has NO connection to his scene partners (i.e. limited touching, no kissing, etc) I am kinda over him.

  6. Johnny Rapid is on such a terrible site, I don’t think I care.
    I like that Haigan Sence/Tyson is still on the porn scene….too bad he left CF, they needed a stud like him in their stable.

  7. He’s at the point of overexposure especially since his scenes are all pretty much similar he gets fucked hard in jail.

  8. It is a big turn off that he talks about thinking of pussy when getting fucked. I only like porn scenes that include the ingestion of sweet cum, which never happens in his scenes. If he had some, he would be near the top of my list ( Plus he needs to admit liking gay sex).

  9. I definitely think he’s a cutie, and he’s definitely in his element as a bottom (his top scenes are ho-hum), but pretty much all of his scenes are the same: he and the top swap head, then straight into fucking with nothing else. Johnny takes it then rides it, then overacts while he shoots his load on his chest before the top shoots on Rapid’s chest or cheek. He acts like he’s scared of the cum. He’d go a lot further on my scale if he did move to a bareback studio or at least took a shot in the mouth or licked it clean and snowballed. Just my opinion.

  10. Tired of his overused ass, for the reasons given in various posts.
    Versatility is IMO what makes gay porn interesting. With Rapid, you always know his tired butt will be used & abused. He should be able to be a stand in for the Holland Tunnel by now, & he “doesn’t enjoy it” What a waste

  11. He’s one of the most talented bottoms out there. If you followed his career ftom 2008 until now you would see the evolution.
    In his first scenes, there was more laughter and joking. Now its almost like lets do this and get it over. He may not kiss and interact with his partners physically, but he takes the dick like a pro and oftentimes multiple.

  12. Johnny Rapid is one of several porn stars who’s got it all, but has nothing at all–He looks good, he has a great body, and would be the perfect little bottom twink–IF he tried harder! But the guy does not enjoy gay sex at all, and it thoroughly shows. He sucks cock so half-assed, you wanna smack him to wake him up. And as far as bottoming–Well, anybody can ride a dick, but not everyone can do it with gusto and passion. The guy looks bored in all his scenes and his moaning is perfunctory and fake. It’s beyond me why he’s so popular.

  13. He’s the Justin Bieber of gay porn – either you love him or hate him.
    Personally, I’ve had enough of them both.

  14. being the same in each scene has to do with the direction, not the model himself.
    I like seeing him as pass-around bottom

  15. Surprised nobody has mentioned it yet, but what drives me nuts (in a bad way) about Johnny is that he keeps shaving his crotch and ass crack. And whenever his hair HAS grown out (which I love), the camera angles from Men never give us a clean lasting shot. I think Johnny is overall hot so I guess my complaint is mostly with the studio, as I notice the camera angles and direction tend to be rather stale and tame on all their vids. Too bad he’s a Men exclusive.

  16. More Johnny. Less hair. I don’t dig this current hair. It needs a cut. Otherwise, bring him on!

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