Scene review by Alias74 on Colt and Truman of Corbin Fisher

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Porn is a visual and superficial medium/industry. In my humble opinion, it is NOT enough to just have pretty guys mindlessly fucking away… and it is certainly a complete insult to the consumer when there is obvious FAKED-FUCKING in a clip!


This clip is a textbook example of a scene D.O.A. – zero chemistry, everything feels forced, the clip is edited and chopped up but lacking continuity and visual momentum, it's obvious (and awkwardly painful) to watch the bottom Truman slog it out for his paycheck while Colt nobly tries to carry the scene, and again….. FAKED FUCKING!!!!! There is absolutely no reason for obvious fakery in porn whatsoever. PERIOD! I try to look for the positives even in bad clips but there isn't much here. Colt – he of the baby face and that gorgeous, size-able cock – is a sight to behold! He delivers a fairly intense fuck (when it’s filmed well, that is). Truman looks JACKED and truly is ONE. BEAUTIFUL. MAN. Problem? He's not improved his game one iota since his disastrous last two clips – Kid is lifeless, eyes closed, barely taking it until there's an edit or cut. Truman….. gay porn is NOT your thing! Please take your paycheck and hotness and exit (cyber) stage left. (ANGRILY) BIN IT!


  • The aforementioned visual eye candy of two studs having robotic, feeling-less sex. (sorta a negative)
  • Jock lovers unite! Truman wears a jock strap through most of the scene and DAMN! does he ever rock it!


  • Colt brings the fucking and some nice (forced) dirty talk. There's a kinky guy in there somewhere…. CF exploit this please! He even blows an impressive load with two squirts that rocket across Truman's face while simultaneously dropping cum bombs that land a direct hit in Tru's mouth (!)


  • Nice gym. Watch out for the cum stains as it appears this is where Dawson got sloppily barebacked and bred.


  • I REPEAT FAKED FUCKING!!!! Check minute 13:20 where there is a shot of Colt fucking Truman while he says "fuck me". Colt is CLEARLY NOT IN HIM as you can see his mid thigh-reaching schlong bouncing BEHIND him. There is cut to a side shot where it appears Truman is taking Colt’s cock and then back to the rear view where it again becomes clear, Colt’s penis is NOT in him. Which brings me to….
  • A complete lack of close up penetration shots – I counted four or five true closeup shots and they all last LESS than a minute which leads me to believe Truman had difficulty and couldn't carry the day (because it doesn't look like Colt has any problem staying hard). Which brings me to…


  • WHAT ELSE was faked in this clip with all the side shots we get that don't show actual penetration?
  • Truman avoids the indignity of having to be seen with a complete limp cock while getting drilled by…..wearing a jock strap! See what they did there!
  • Truman looks so goddamn awkward as he struggles to cum while getting fucked…reminds me of those times when guys try to nut two times in a row but can’t. It had that "air of desperation" about it.

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12 thoughts on “Scene review by Alias74 on Colt and Truman of Corbin Fisher

  1. lol…So that’s how G4P can do gay porn without being gay…they’re never having gay sex to begin with.

  2. Thanks for the review. I wonder how CF responds this, or perhaps in usual fashion they just move on and spin happy horse shit about the next exciting pairing. Very disappointing and is a blow of credibility to this once stellar brand. I have been a loyal cf fan and defender, but. Something happened in 2013 that has just lost there chemistry and energy at that studio. What gives?

  3. Colt and Truman are two beautiful muscular guys and the scene was smokin hot. These two guys thoroughly enjoyed the sexual intimacy they shared and seemed to delight in each others bodies. We may have tomorrows Connor and Dawson here.

  4. I guess I watched a completely different scene than Andrew or we’re not in the same universe. Colt may have potential but, I agree with the reviewer. Truman doesn’t like gay sex and should leave. It is painfully obvious that he dislikes what he is doing. I just don’t understand why he’s doing it. There has to be better options for him than gay porn.

  5. It’s pretty clear that gay sex isn’t for Truman!
    Colt instead is fantastic and his clip with Taylor was amazing.

  6. Agreed… it was extremely lame. If Truman doesn’t want to fuck he should just get out of the biz. It’s a slap in the face of all the subscribers to release fake vids. CF has plenty of other extremely attractive models that fuck…. give them more work and give Truman the boot. I don’t care how attractive he is… if he won’t fuck he doesn’t belong on that site. Have him go to Fratmen or something like that. I didn’t subscribe to the site to watch fake fucking. It is really insulting. CF you owe the subscribers an apology. Tell Truman his next video better show the real thing or show him the door.

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