Scene review by Alias74 on Costa Rica: Josh’s Freshman Fantasy from Corbin Fisher


OVERALL IMPRESSION: Once again Corbin Fisher gives us another “travelogue porn” clip – this time a fantasy themed, tag team clip with Josh getting used by Kennedy and Tyler . Despite the pretty surroundings and the dreamy (read: lots of floating camera pans and fade/glide-in shots) photography, ultimately this clip is fairly standard with middling to average performances from the three involved. While Josh does his best, he’s really just the pass around bottom in this scene. Tyler – one of two brothers currently featured on the site – fails to stir ANY remote sign of heat; point in fact, he barely stays hard, pinching his cock and literally seen fucking on camera for a short time. Kennedy is the scene MVP with his impressive rimming and fucking skills and enviable SCHLONG! He’s the only one that really injects any sort of life into this life-less clip. BIN IT.


  • Pretty scenery! I’d love to know where this was actually filmed because the set – a couch on a gazebo’d, open air patio – is breathtaking.


  • At least for the oral portion, Tyler’s never been seen on film HARDER – seems to really like Josh deep throating his cock (check out minutes 7:33 and 8:49 when he YELPS!)
  • Kennedy appears to have shed his baby fat and CUT UP some muscle. He looks (and fucks) like a million bucks! Dig his “Magic Mike” body roll/fucking technique. *waves dollar bills*


  • Josh obviously loves the cock – show us something we don’t KNOW. Here the notable sex moves are his body-shock-inducing deep throats on Kennedy’s piece (I counted 8!) and the reverse-cowboy switch from one cock to the other in real time.


  • The entire CLIP feels like a color by numbers porn segment: Suck – Rotate – spit roast Josh – rotate – reverse-cowboy fuck – rotate – missionary – rotate. Very little chemistry or erotic quality to ANY of this. #replicantporn
  • Flies and wind whistling through the microphone – Ahh the perils of outdoor filming!
  • Botched photography – transitions and gliding camera work is supposed to make it “fantasy-like”….it only succeeds in an overall disjointed feel. And what’s with the shot that’s improperly white-balanced and dark mid-clip?
  • Someone remind Tyler it’s gay porn and he will need to have a hard dick to perform – He’s barely spends any time sucking Josh and is seen fucking for one to two minutes tops before it looks like he goes soft and Kennedy steps in to show him up. At least he got to go to Costa Rica on someone else’s dime!
  • Josh gained some notice-able “cookie” weight. Not quite FUPA, but almost there.