Scene review by Alias74 on Porter and David of Sean Cody

PORTER AND DAVID BAREBACK (20 minutes, March 28, 2014)


Overall Impression: Sean Cody is all about gorgeous, in shape, all American, straight guys doing gay things on camera. Add to that a now signature camera style (more on that later), and you have Sean Cody's aesthetic. And while that formula tends to pay off more often than not, absent any stellar chemistry, most of the scenes end up just being a serviceable pairing – Hot, boner-inducing but not really anything to write home (or to a blog) about. Enter "Porter and David: Bareback" – David as usual is an impressive stud, exuding his ginger "Alpha Male" masculinity on cute, elfin-like Porter's national treasure-esque bubble butt. David gives us another Sean Cody trademark – the "Top Only" performance as he merely gets serviced and fucks. Minor quibble because David does this extremely well! Porter lives up to his role of "accommodating bottom" – sucking, teabagging, light rimming, and taking David's long, gorgeous veiny cock to the hilt, and by the second portion of the sex scene (after the first cum shot – yet another Sean Cody trademark: Two money shots per clip), Porter takes some pretty violent fucking from David (push-up fucks!).

And yet…..not really a scene to write home about. Just so-so. The chemistry between the two really doesn't start to twinkle until all that aggressive fucking happens ¾ into the clip when David goes all Christian Grey while Porter lets his inner sex pig out. I guess SC scenes can kinda be like pizza: Even when it's fair to middling, it's still…..PIZZA! DOWNLOAD AND WATCH LATER.


  • Make out lovers rejoice – The guys spend about 2 minutes or so making out, touching, tickling and teasing each other before closing escrow.


  • Porter's oral skills (short lived as they are) are fairly impressive – THIS is how you give a blow job, people: All mouth, no hands. David seemed to love it!


  • Want proof of Porter's ample booty? Check out the weird circular tan line at the top of his ass-crack: This only happens when someone is so callipygous, the butt cheeks sorta bunch up and don't get the sun exposure/tanning bed exposure. HOT!

Scene_review_alias74_porter_david_04 Scene_review_alias74_porter_david_05

  • EXCELLENT camera work: The entire clip is chock full of what I think is SC's signature cinematography – capturing the action in medium, zooming in for closeups of the action, zooming back, panning and moving the camera around the performers and then back again. Watch EACH position as its captured this very same way! I love this – it gives a real time sense to everything like you’re in the room.
    • Check out minutes 14:34 through 15:41 – shot starts at an angle HIGH up (love those long lenses) and the camera moves down and around the performers to ground level (look close above Porter's head and you’ll see where the camera man was standing on the bed at the beginning of the shot)
  • HELICOPTER!!!!! As in, when a bottom is erect and bounces on the top, his cock starts twirling like the blades of a……helicopter! (see what I did there?) You so rarely see one executed as well as Porter does at minutes 7:52 – 8:23
  • David's cumshots are MASSIVE: his first literally hoses down Porter's ass in cum-showers (David even fucks, pulls out and lets his cock squirt hands free a few microseconds before jacking out the voluminous, body wracking loads). His seconds sends four ROCKETS over Porter’s head (check out the cum stains on the blanket far past Porter in the camera panning end shot).


  • Behind the Scenes clips reveals why Porter only has one cumshot: he accidentally came while filming… We see the outtake and a wonderful exploding money shot.
    • FYI Porter is using the Masters and Johnson Squeeze Technique despite his  flat out denial of using it. 



  • Again, slow burn chemistry that doesn't really develop until the scene is practically over.
  • David tops only and nary reciprocates…. even tacitly throws his legs up in the air during the oral portion as if to order Porter to rim him (it doesn't last very long and isn't captured very well).
  • As good as the cinematography is, at times there are too many shadows – Ever heard of 360 degree lighting???? Look into it, please.
  • Major inconsistent editiing – we go from clothes on teasing STRAIGHT into naked David with a hard cock; later just as the helicopter gets going there a head scratching soft fade, mid-action into the start of doggy style. What gives? This is classic, choppy editing style that kills the momentum the photography builds up (sadly another hallmark of Sean Cody clips).
  • Even stranger editing? After Porter cums with David inside him, there’s a quick fade to David standing and jacking himself off. And then there’s no B camera replay for the second money shot (???)

25 thoughts on “Scene review by Alias74 on Porter and David of Sean Cody

  1. Porter and David are two really good looking muscular guys. They seemed to have great chemistry. The sex was hot. It seemed to me that Porter has kind of a crush on David. I really like Porter. He has kind of a Tanner/Stu look. I first noticed him in an awesome scene he did with Stu. They really hit it off and the guy/guy physical intimacy was awesome. Of course I think anything that Stu does is awesome.

  2. My only glaring issue with “top-only” guys is that most of them won’t eat ass. BUT they let the bottom eat them out!?!This really bothered me about Brandon of SC, and other tops.
    It’s counter-intuitive. The whole point of ass eating is to make the bottom more comfortable and malleable to be fucked.
    If you’re a top, even a gay4pay top, then this is something you need to do. And if you are squeamish about it for hygiene reasons, then all I have to say is: If you don’t deem an asshole clean or appealing enough to put your tongue in it, then why would you put your bare dick in it?

  3. “Sean Cody is all about gorgeous, in shape, all American, straight guys doing gay things on camera.” Over the years I think I have only believed one or two of the guys being straight and that was only because they were really bad at gay sex.

  4. Is it just me or do you see a lot less oral on Sean Cody than you do on Corbin Fisher and Randy Blue?
    All 3 sites have G4P models and the occasional model who won’t give head…but it seems like MOST Sean Cody models just don’t do oral which is weird.
    On CF it seems like a lot of the G4P models have no problem giving head so I wonder why it’s an issue at Sean Cody.

  5. I think it’s their recruiting sources and where they find the guys – Model Mayhem, Cam sites, Facebook – the guys are only willing to do top things without reciprocating. It would appear that the upper management or at the very least casting at SC doesn’t really care or isn’t motivated to find true performers because they can just move on to the next model hungry for cash willing to do more on camera.

  6. I think reading anything longer than a Status update is slowly going out of style. 1) it’s fun for me to review scenes (hardly any blog does this nowadays) and 2) these reviews are for people trying to decide if they want to spend good money for what should be good porn but more times than not…isn’t.
    I’d love to make a full review site in the hopes that studios will allow me to review their clips/films.

  7. Love the adjective “callipygous”. Now THAT’s a vocabulary word that ought to be on the SAT.

  8. David has sucked cock or bottomed in other videos, so this was most likely a simple issue of money. I believe there are fixed rates for blowjobs, rimjobs etc. and for some reason Sean Cody did not want David to do any of them.
    Nice review, I enjoy them even thought most of them are for a porn studio I don’t watch (Corbin Fisher, ugh). I find Sean Cody clearly superior, but to each his own.

  9. I was just going to say the same thing he has bottomed in a fair number of his videos and has sucked dick in a larger number than not. He is push forward as a top but seems more versatile when you look at all of his videos.

  10. The fake-tanned yellowish skin of the bottom is a non starter for me. I just can’t.

  11. Wow..David is so my huge porn crush at present… He is hot masculine & horny…. and I’m not sure where he sits on the “spectrum ” but the more i watch him the more i think he could be possibly gay or at least Bi. I like Sean Cody but i think its very contrived/controlled, but its always been a quality site and the models always speak highly of their treatment by the studio…however that couch must have some amount of jizz stains on ! get down to Ikea now…. More David please ! He rocks

  12. David is wonderful and may even be bi, but Porter, as usual, steals the show and this is probably because he is gay, or at least he’s made it obvious during his tenure. Great scene, hot guys, pure sex and chemistry.

  13. You guys are totally right: I’m a huge David fan and he is really versatile (although it’s clear he doesn’t really like bottoming despite his reactions and his dirty talk). And yes…the more I watch him the more it occurs to me that he may either be straight up gay or bisexual. He’s the hottest most masculine guy with a lisp I’ve EVER come across!!!! Major Alpha male in bed.
    Haven’t seen a lot of Porter but I definitely like what I see….he puts MY bottoming skills to shame and I count myself as an ELITE, world-swallowing bottom.
    Thanks for the comments and criticisms, everyone! I’m reading and listening. I default to Corbin Fisher because it’s kinda my fave, but I promise more reviews from SC and Chaosmen soon!

  14. I like your reviews. They seem to be well balanced with both the pros and cons. Are all of your reviews going to be from sites whose premises are getting str8 guys to have gay sex?

  15. It definitely isn’t that Alias74. It’s that your reviews are more often off base than on. I do not find them helpful. That said, I wish you luck on starting your own site. It would be refreshing to not have to read your drivel on this blog.

  16. Indeed…my (DRIVEL-FILLED) reviews are from CF, SC and Chaosmen because those are the sites I subscribe to.
    I DO NOT believe nor ever would try to review something by watching a tube sourced/pirated version of a scene or movie – I believe in paying for the porn that the performers and studios have spent money on producing for our entertainment. The studios and the performers deserve our money – this helps the studios to make better clips and get better performers!

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