26 thoughts on “The back of Shiloh of Chaos Men now covered in tattoos (tip @ Gloria)

  1. Well….I was managing that extravagant tattoo across his chest, but this is too much for my liking.

  2. Those tattoos look really well done, though. I mean, the coloring alone looks FRESH, literally.

  3. OMG NO!!! I’ll admit it was pretty bad before, but I was managing to overlook…now I just can’t.

  4. He is seriously one of the sexiest men of all time. Also, I seem to be one of the few commenters on this site under the age of 65, cause I think tattoos are super fucking hot. The more, the merrier, Shiloh!

  5. Shiloh, I had always defended you when the tattoo-haters objected to your ink. I told them, unlike most, your tattoos are artful and well-placed—But it looks like you’re gonna go overboard, just like all the other men with waaay to many tattoos.

  6. Never understood the attraction of Shiloh. Discount the tattoos and you’ve still got a mediocre looking guy with an ordinary body. One of the least attractive guys on CM.

  7. That is one gorgeous looking tattoo!
    If I were a yakuza gang boss, I’d recruit Shiloh immediately. I just hope that Bryan Ockert doesn’t fire him for it.

  8. It’s not very good. Not the idea of the tattoo or the size, but the skill of the tattooist…it’s pretty poor, blocky, cheap and could have been done a lot, lot better.

  9. Hold the phone….beg to differ. Actually I think the attraction to Shiloh is definitely his sexual hunger especially if you’ve been watching his progression clip wise on Chaosmen. Subtract the tats and you STILL have one sexy mother fucker!

  10. AWESOME SAUCE! And the addition of it doesn’t detract from a sexy sexy man.
    Although I’d wait at least three weeks before getting any cum all over that (!)

  11. This young generation’s addiction with tattoos will end up at some point (hopefully soon), and the hang over will hit them like a ton of bricks.

  12. I’ll just say there are plenty of young women my age–thirtysomething–who regret that terrible trend of the “tramp stamp” in the early 2000’s. My guess is this batch of twentysomethings will feel the same in a decade.

  13. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Aries of Chaosmen (one of my all-time CM favorites) say that he was fired by Bryan, because he got one tattoo, too many?

  14. You’re not the only person on this site under 65. Plenty of people in their 20s and 30s don’t find tattoos attractive. I don’t mind them personally, if they look good. There’s a difference between a military symbol and sleeving your entire body with doodles and graffiti. Shiloh has gone crazy with his, and it looks like shit.

  15. It’s like he’s permanently clothed with a very loud, very busy shirt that hides his body. What a tragedy. Tattoos turn me off entirely.

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