Who had the hottest update this week?

Randy Blue had Richard Pierce and Kurtis Wolfe (condom).

Hottestupdate_randyblue_01 Hottestupdate_randyblue_02

Cocky Boys had Gabriel Clark and Chris Harder (condom).


Broke Straight Boys had Vadim Black and JJ Matsters (bareback).


Tim Tales had the porn site owner Tim Kruger and Gabriel Vanderloo (condom).


Lucas Entertainment had Goran and Marco Rubi (condom).


MEN of UK had Paddy O’Brian, Leo Domenico and Dato Foland (condom).


Big Daddy had Jan Faust and ? (bareback).


Belami Online had Gino Mosca and Jaco Van Sant (bareback).


My Friend’s Feet had Ricky Larkin and Aaron Bruiser (foot fetish).


William Higgins had  Ivan Mraz, Jarmil Sladky and Milan Hornik (bareback).


Sean Cody had David and Porter (barebck).


Corbin Fisher had Zeb and Braxton (bareback).


UK Hot Jocks had Darius Ferdynand, Diesel O’Green and Leo Domenico (condom).


Guys in Sweatpants had Ian Levine, Dillon Anderson, Leo Sweetwood (condom).


22 thoughts on “Who had the hottest update this week?

  1. Kruger and Vanderloo!
    Meanwhile: Richard Pierce….enough with the tribal already…it’s starting to look like you tattooed your brains on your shoulder.

  2. Sorry, but Marco Rubi could post a video of himself in his underwear making a sandwich and it would be hotter that anything the incompetents at Randy Blue have ever filmed or even thought about filming.

  3. Tim Kruger has my heart this time. David and Porter are okay.
    Braxton is a big fail to me as he looks clearly bored in the entire video.
    And that BSB video where JJ master fucks Vadim Black seems to be hot until I saw a leakage from Vadim’s hole. I was lie ewwww wtf

  4. Dato Foland (Men of UK), Gabriel Clark (Cocky Boys), Marco Rubi (Lucas), Zeb (Corbin Fisher), Vadim Black ( BSB), David (SC): I must have died an gone to porn addicts heaven, These are six of the sexiest guys on the planet. My head is about to explode trying to pick one, so I won’t.

  5. Without even watching any of the scenes, I will vote for SeanCody–Since i’ts product is pretty consistent in quality. But I am a huge Paddy O’Brian fan, and I would watch anything he’s in. I love his charisma and enthusiasm.

  6. O’Brien seems to be slimming down or cutting up. Hope it’s not a health issue (i.e. drugs and/or STD’s).

  7. That happened in a CF and Tim Tales video as well.
    Tim actually showcased it. My dick went soft instantly.

  8. I’ve been hammering CF pretty hard these days for lackluster episodes (among other things), but with the return of Zeb and an appearance from Aiden and Marc last weekend they’re showing some signs of life.

  9. For me it’s a tie between the Kurtis Wolfe/Richard Pierce and Marco Rubi/Goran updates. All four of those men mentioned are HOT!!!

  10. Funny you should say that. He posted clothed pics on Twitter and I still got my rocks off. There aren’t many men that can be sexy both naked and clothed. Sadly, I think he closed his Twitter account.

  11. I have to go with Gabriel Clark and Chris Harder – Gabriel just knows how to f*ck ass!!!

  12. Vadim has a sweet little ass^^ That’s the best update for me.
    I love Gabriel Clark, Paddy and Leo, but i just like them better getting fucked… I just have this little thing for usual tops getting it^^ Isn’t there a thread on this, like that on porn names?

  13. I’d have to agree with you. Tough choice between these two vids. All hot men! Throw in Dato and make it a 5 way!!

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