With and without condoms for Billy Santoro

Two scenes of Billy Santoro were recently released.

MEN released today the scene of Connor Kline, who wore a condom, fucking Billy Santoro.


SX Video, on the other hand, released the first scene of Bareback Fucking last Monday (?), where Billy barebacked Mark Rivera.


The same thing happened to Billy's scenes last week. He had a condom scene with Paco released by Men At Play and a bareback scene with husband Seth Treston Santoro released by Cocksure Men.

Billy_santoro_men_withcondom_07 Billy_santoro_men_withcondom_08 

10 thoughts on “With and without condoms for Billy Santoro

  1. I think Billy has a hot and hairy body that looks quite good when he is getting f*cked. I don’t understand why studios continue to use his smaller than average endowment as a top!

  2. because his dick can be hard for hours, studio like this kind of talent to get more things done

  3. Where’s that dude that flamed my review? He should be lambasting all of you for saying Billy Santoro is ugly and small-endowed for a porn star….
    To each their own….I’m not a fan but I do like the kid’s personality and ability to stand up for himself despite the collateral consequences and fan anger that occur.

  4. He also bottoms bareback and gets cream pied by Vander on Chaosmen’s website. While I certainly wouldn’t call him ugly, I have a difficult time paying attention to anyone or anything else in any scene with Vander. I’m obsessed with him and wish he’d have a new scene as he hasn’t been in any for too long.

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