With & without condoms for Scott Harbor and James Hamilton pair up (tip @ Genesis157)

A few days ago, Cocksure Men released the bareback scene of Scott Harbor and James Hamilton.


Yesterday, it was the turn of Men Over 30 to release a scene of Scott and James, this time James Jr. wore a condom. If you watched the preview, Scott was never hard, while getting sucked or getting fucked.


FYI Both guys are not new to bareback. James did his first via Chaos Men and he is the latest update at Sketchy Sex. Thanks to Joshua for letting me know that Scott Harbor did have a bareback scene released by Fraternity X, titled Tie The Bitch Up 2.


14 thoughts on “With & without condoms for Scott Harbor and James Hamilton pair up (tip @ Genesis157)

  1. I liked him better on broke straight boys fucking Kodi. Whatever happened to Kodi. He was cute and had an open hole.

  2. I’ve got to say, with a beard, Scott Harbor is very sexy…but without…I can’t explain it, but he does look really rough.
    And it would be nice if he’d embrace the fact that he’s fucking guys…

  3. So does James face have splottchy scars because of meth or AIDS?
    That said…love Scott.

  4. I’m sorry but if you can’t get hard for your scene you shouldn’t be doing porn

  5. I heard years ago when he was working for Chaos Men, that James Hamilton was in some sort of horrific card accident…he apparently filmed some videos in a slightly disfigured state, but then had his face and teeth “fixed”.

    And while I truly love watching a hard bottom get fucked, as Bel Ami proved, you can still have hot porn with a limp dicked bottom getting fucked hard by a huge cock!
    LOVE THIS GUY!!!! Wish I could interview Scott!!!

  7. Does Scott Harbor have a vestigial tail? The top part of his very hot ass crack kinda looks like it. It does not make it less hot, just a bit unusual

  8. Scott Harbor and James Hamilton were also in a Dick Dorm scene together, it’s called Kiss This

  9. He’s been in a couple of pretty bad car accidents, actually. I wouldn’t know for sure, but they were probably alcohol-related since he’s been arrested for DUI before.

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