Billy Santoro’s views on gay 4 pay performers (tip @ Terry)

Billy Santoro [twitter] is currently answering questions sent by his fans. Two of them asked about his views on gay 4 pay performers.


Do you think that gay for pay actors should stop working in the industry with their bitxhy rantings? I don't find gay for pay hot in fact I find it annoying and with this gay for pay thing it's harder to find real gay pornstars. I salute you for being a true gay pornstar. You rock btw 😉

Thanks. I have no problem with G4P as long as they are willing to do everything gay men do. Kiss, rub, touch, rim, suck, swallow, fuck, be fucked etc .


Do you think Johnny Rapid deserved best pornstar at Cybersockets?

No. He doesn't kiss. The best pornstar should be able to do all types of porn. Kissing, rimming, bottom, top, kink. True versatility.

From Terry "From my point of view, I don't think Billy dislikes Johnny; I think he simply can't respect the fact that he's in gay porn and is refusing to do the whole shebang which I can't disagree. We've seen Marcus Mojo fully commit (though it's said he's bi now) and we've seen Kurt Wild go full-on man action. So what makes these other actors so high that they can't kiss or do sensual things like that?"

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  1. I like many of the models at SC,CF, Bel Ami and some of the other Studios who are identified as Gay4Pay. Many of them make hot passionate guy on guy sex scenes. When I am watching gay porn, I rarely think about the real sexual orientation of the models. I just enjoy watching beautiful guys who are in good physical shape get it on with one another.

  2. I agree with you Andrew…as long as the actor is a good performer. But I also agree with Billy, I think it’s kind of a joke to recognize Johnny Rapid as the best porn star.  
    And regarding the above comment, “So what makes these other actors so high that they can’t kiss or do sensual things like that?”, it’s because consumers keep paying to watch that limited performers, simple as that.

  3. Eli Holt had a twitter exchange with someone recently about this very topic, and I actually stopped following him because of it.
    Eli’s reasoning was, “I’m straight, but I’m an actor. You don’t go to a Batman movie thinking Christian Bale is really Batman so what’s the difference?” (I’m paraphrasing- Eli is actually much less articulate.)
    MY take on it is this- when the actor’s real life stops me from being able to let go of ‘reality’ and enjoy the performance, there’s a problem. Look at Mel Gibson- in the past, I’ve liked many of his films, but now when I see him all I can think about is the horrible things he’s said and done. Not just a few things ‘taken out of context’- at one point he told his ex-wife he wanted to see her ‘raped by a bunch of niggers’. How can I sit back in the theater and let go of that?
    Similarly, when Gay4Pay stars publicly repeat over and over “I’m straight” or they refuse to do certain basic things like KISS, all I can think is “This guy is just picking up a paycheck” and it ruins the moment.
    I’m sure there are many actors in gay porn who are just doing it for the money, and I can’t tell. THAT’S the way it should be, and they shouldn’t feel the need to shout from every social media site how “straight” they are.
    Just my two cents on it.

  4. Yup bash Johnny for not kissing, but how many gay porn guys won’t work with minorities, won’t do kink, etc… Don’t respect the straight guys’ comfort zones but we should respect yours. Hypocrite.

  5. The difference with Christian Bale acting is that he is not actually fighting or killing. Johnny Rapid on the other hand is getting his butt fucked like a rag doll by anyone and everyone but won’t kiss a guy because that would be gay?! LMFAO get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.

  6. Probably “Eli Hunter”, a guy who is so “straight” that he now does raw gay bareback orgies, where he is a cump dump

  7. Fuck gay for pay. I’m not interested in anyone who doesn’t appear to like what they are doing.

  8. Models should do what they are comfortable doing. Viewers should watch what they like to see models do.

  9. Many of the guys who are identified as Gay4Pay do appear to like what they are doing.

  10. I know I like what they are doing, although I prefer Sean Cody, Corbin Fishers gay for pay ‘straight’ guys to some of the other studios as a least they appear as if they are enjoying themselves and rarely looked bored English Lads take note.

  11. There’s a movement in the Black community, where Blacks have realized that all the money they spend on weaves and beauty products are not staying within the community, but going to Indians, Arabs, and Asians.
    We gay men are giving our money to straight men. They come to us and demand money, and even set the conditions under which we give it to them (don’t kiss me, dont top me, dont ask me to blow you)
    Now, if we are looking to change this, then we need to have a similar movement of social awareness, where gays insist that porn studios deliver a product only with performers who are gay in real life. Change follows money.
    Or we can keep giving straight men our money and not complain.

  12. A person can ‘appear’ to like something that they don’t actually enjoy. I go to work and fake it every day, for the money lol

  13. If Brandon, Stu, Abe, Jess, Tanner et al of SC and Connor, Dawson, Truman, Colt, Aiden et al of CF and Kris Evans, Dolph, Dario Dolce et al of Bel Ami are gay4pay and not actually gay, I say bring em on. I have seen these beautiful muscular guys engage in hot intimate gay sex and I loved it. I could care less where they fall on the Kinsey Scale. I care about the hot gay sex they have on camera.

  14. Well, he did say that he didn’t like ignorance and racism either. Someone asked him if he would have sex with a black guy and he said that he has and has no problem having sex with anyone of any race as long as they still do all the things gay guys do like the kissing, touching and everything else.

  15. Dario Dolce is G4P? Never knew that. He always struck me as bi or gay. Either way, I love Dario.

  16. I would prefer gay porn stars get the roles rather than some straight guy who is pretending to like having sex with another man but as soon as the camera’s are off he is back to pussy.

  17. I also love Dario Dolce. I don’t really know what his sexual orientation is, but I sure do love his awesome sex scenes.

  18. Rumor had it that Dolph Lambert was shacked up with Colin Hewitt. Who really knows, except for them.
    As for Rapid, he never floated my boat, & when he stated that he fucked his GF “till she bleeds”, it really grossed me out. Boy needs a shrink (not to mention his hole tightened, he could pass for the Chunnel, or the Lincoln Tunnel here in the States.
    As for the SC. CF or BA guys, as long as they perform as most of them have, & are respecting of their fan base (as most of them are, see Dawson, Connor) I have no problem with them. As has been stated, seeing 2 hot men making out is what I’m after. As long as there My problem is with Rapid (he won’t kiss, but is like a RR track, (laid cross country!) & of course creeps like Cody Cummings.
    I get a little bugged too @ Paul Walker & Paddy O’Brien. No sucking, but they’ll get plowed. I could understand the reverse, if a guy won’t bottom, it hurts if not done right, but sucking a dick isn’t uncomfortable, unless you have an abscessed tooth!!

  19. I think some of your terms are a bit misleading and biased, but I probably agree with your basic premise. No one is ‘demanding’ our money nor are we ‘giving’ it to them without something in return. Products are offered, and we choose to buy them – or not. So we CAN choose to purchase only from those whose views are in line with our own, or those which satisfy us.
    I’m NOT comfortable insisting that only gay men who self-identify as gay should be supported in gay porn. If someone can deliver a convincing & satisfying performance (and maintain an illusion), that is sufficient for me.
    I really prefer to avoid the ‘us vs them’ approach. Otherwise, you justify discrimination both for AND against.

  20. G4P is a lie, only a man who never went outside and never had sex with a “straight” guy can believe it

  21. Is sad people defending G4P models in gay porn. You like all this lie that gay porn has become? All straight models who feel disgust have sex with someone of the same sex, faking pleasure on camera? You like the idea of ​​a model have to watch straight porn behind the scenes to get a guy in the end scene? Do you approve of the fact that a straight man to have won the award for best actor GAY porn?? Things really are not going well in gay porn …. everything has become a big lie, and you are financing all this illusion that gay porn has become.
    Do not defend or give money to G4P models. Hate G4P models and we go save the gay porn!
    G4P = liars opportunists

  22. Ask yourself this: Off the top of your head, without googling it, how many gay porn sites can you think of, in 30 seconds, that have the word “straight” in it? I thought of 7…
    Now, how many can you think of that actually have the word “gay” in their title? I was hard pressed to think of any.

  23. The Gay4Pay haters can bitch all they want. That doesn’t change the fact that some of the hottest guys making some of the sexiest gay porn today are guys who are identified as Gay4Pay. If the haters don’t like it they shouldn’t subscribe to Studios like SC, CF, Bel Ami and others who are know to employ some/many Gay4Pay guys. Don’t tell those of us who like both Gay and Gay4Pay guys who we should and shouldn’t like.

  24. Andrew, I don’t hate them. I would be a hypocrite if I said so, considering I am a fan of SC, CF, etc.
    I just think that it’s sadly ironic that even in gay porn, gay men are second class citizens to straight males.

  25. I don’t know whether that’s a rumour. But it is or was on the BA site which stated that they were living together with no mention of them being a couple.

  26. when gay for payers work in gay porn for longer term, they will claim and turn his sexual orientation from straight to bisexual. no need to mention all of those guys, you guys already know it.

  27. Santoro may be surprised to learn that not all gay men ‘do everything.’ Plenty have a preference for one type of sex or another. Some are exclusive tops or bottoms. Some don’t like anal sex at all. Does that make them less gay? Im not really into straight guys only because they don’t seem like they’re enjoying it. I rather see a lot less scripted porn and see real chemistry (or dare I say love making) as 2 people who are attracted to each other really go at it. Many porn companies also use G4P as a marketing tool whether they men are gay or not. Many also self identify a certain way. Sexuality is a continuum and these straight guys having gay sex are not 100% gay….I don’t have a single straight friend who would even contemplate full on gay sex. If they (or their girlfriends) feel kissing is too intimate – compared to putting a cock in your mouth and vagina or your lips on some random anus, then so be it. Allthese porn awards are bogus and political anyway. Be careful in judging others and some might say bareback porn shouldn’t even exist let alone be recognized.

  28. I would also like to see more bottoms – straight, gay or in between – actually be hard when they’re getting fucked and look like they’re enjoying it to some degree

  29. Blame the viewers of gay porn who spend money on G4P. The industry is only in this to make a profit – at least most of them are as seen by the growing bareback trend. They’re putting out what the audience wants. If people wouldn’t support the studios who fetishize straight men, this would end. I guess its some fantasy for guys…but I can’t get super turned on knowing that the people in the scene don’t like what they’re doing.

  30. The fantasy of hot sex or the fantasy of being with a straight man? Theres one thing to have a fantasy of ‘turning ‘ a straight guy. Its quite something else to see 2 straight guys pretending to have gay sex which they don’t like for money. But to each his own. If you’re not into G4P, don’t support them. Personally I don’t understand anyone paying for any of these sites when theres so much porn for free. Who wants to watch the same models over and over anyway, and some of these internet sites have the same ugly sets

  31. well he’s representative of many of those young peole who go into porn and start off screwed up and will end up even more screwed up due to his experience. If I were a girlfriend, I don’t know that Id be worried about kissing as much as this young guy has been fucked nearly 100x. I hope he’s saving money … or he is going to be in for a shock…And to think, he has kids….This will easily end up as bad as those messed up girls on Teen Mom

  32. They don’t have to do interviews saying they are straight. The models and the studios are putting that out on purpose to get the dollars from the audience who specifically wants to see straight guys and who have the fantasy that they will turn a straight guy

  33. I assume you then check out the owners of the gay bars and clubs you go to as many are also owned by straights.

  34. Anyting with ‘best’ is going to be subjective. And these awards are always very political based on who’s promoting them , sponsoring them, voting for them. And no model is going to be attractive to everyone. The whole G4P thing wouldn’t even be a big issue if the models wouldn’t promote their orientations outside of the films…Theres also something to be said that many of them feel the need to proclaim their heterosexuality while having more gay sex than probably much of their audiences

  35. To win best porn star, you must be well rounded. That is how I feel. I was not questioning anyone’s sexuality or preferences. I said, Johnny does not deserve best porn star because he is not well-rounded. He doesn’t kiss and only bottoms. That is not the best pornstar in MY opinion, that is the best Bottom. I could care less who thinks bareback porn shouldn’t exist. What does that have to do with my statement above? I am not judging Johnny at all. I know him personally and I have worked with him. He is a really fun guy with a great heart. He is not offended in the least by my comments, because he knows I love him.

  36. I could really give a crap these debates are always so pointless I just want to see great porn which is rare in these times. Rapid is a complete joke hes a terrible model just cause he can take dick like the next guy doesn’t make him better than any one. his fans need to take him off that pedestal they have him on.

  37. I wonder how money can make you capable of getting your penis hard to have sex with someone of your same sex when you don’t feel attracted to your same sex…
    G4P is a delusion, these men are bisexual.

  38. With regard to Seth’s views…I’m definitely gay but I don’t do all those things! I don’t bottom & I don’t rim, for example.

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