Hot or not? Identity masking fabric

In the latest scene [gallery] released by Naked Sword, it had Leo Forte get fucked by two guys (Drew Sebastian & Max Cameron) wearing a full body and face suit, which they called identity masking fabric.

Leo_forte_identitymaskingsuits_02 Leo_forte_identitymaskingsuits_03 

8 thoughts on “Hot or not? Identity masking fabric

  1. This is quite common in leather fetish videos; it can be quite hot because it puts all the attention on the dick. 🙂

  2. So fucking stupid. Another gimmick. Seriously, how many ppl did they think would be into this?

  3. I love gloryhole action so I should (in theory) get into this, but it looks a bit… well, stupid, if I’m being honest. All I can think of is the Greendale mascot ‘Human Being’… (Come on, there has to be someone else who watches that show, right? lol…)

  4. Give them credit for being different and trying something new or innovative. They could be cookie cutter like some other studios. Even if you didn’t like it, it was something new. If you want boring watch Dominic Ford or Dylan Lucas

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