Is Jaxton Radoc gay or bi? (tip @ TrisWang) **updated**

Jaxton Radoc is gay since he can remember according to his own blog "As long as I can remember I've know I was gay and had a passion for cock!"

UPDATE The blog is not owned by Jaxton but by Staxus. Therefore, it is not a personal statement from Jaxton.


He is bisexual according to his Cam4 profile.


He is heterosexual and bi curios according to his Chaturbate profile.


He was only bisexual just to attract people to his page in a Q&A with his fans. Don't misinterpret him. He has a boyfriend and considers himself gay.

UPDATE Via DM on twitter, he said gay porn was just a job and all about earning money. The label regarding his sexuality on his live cam show was to attract more people. I think this is proof that a lot of gay men still prefer watching bi or str8 men.


He had sex with woman over a year and a half ago.


Is Jaxton Radoc gay, bisexual or flexisexual?

37 thoughts on “Is Jaxton Radoc gay or bi? (tip @ TrisWang) **updated**

  1. Hey is buysexual. Buy him something and he will be sexual. I have been noticing allot of porn stars especially the twinks posting their amazon wish lists so desperate and pathetic fools who are lonely can buy them stuff. He probably figured he could attract a few Cougars by playing it bi or buy.

  2. He is a liar. He had once said to a fan on twitter that he never had sexual relations with women. But after his lies were exposed, he revealed saying we had many sexual relations with women and that he is bisexual. Then he began to lie and say he have a boyfriend and that is considered himself gay, but what that kind of gay is this, that have sex with women?
    He said in his page on that “Jaxon” is a character, an illusion and a fantasy, and the “Jaxon” speaks lies, says just what the fans want to read. The fact is that he concealed the truth from us all. He deleted his three answers, for not to engage.
    He is not gay nor bisexual, he’s just another “Gay4Pay” that managed to fool all of us all this time.
    I hope from now on him to fail and pay for all the lies he told fans.

  3. Openly Gay guys whether they are in porn or not are not ashamed to share they’re sexuality

  4. I agree! If they lie or not answer questions about his sexuality, no doubt should be a model G4P trying to fool the LGBT community!

  5. He also has a twin brother that is straight. Must be weird being recognized as a porn star, when you have a twin.

  6. I really don’t understand why people care about the gay/bi ratio of a performer’s sexuality as long as they are performing at least the basics of gay sex if they are starring in gay porn.
    Why waste so much time/energy on guys like Jaxon who have no qualms about kissing, sucking dick, and fucking when you’ve got other guys who sign up to star in gay porn but won’t even perform the basics of gay sex – because they think they are too “straight” (aka too much of a “real man”). Those guys are the real insult here – guys who choose to do gay porn yet think kissing another guy or sucking his dick makes him less of man and that he’s above it.
    Jaxon performs his job and he performs it well, who gives a shit what he does when he’s off work? If you want to bitch about someone, bitch about these guys who show up to work in gay porn and insult their audience by claiming to be “straight” and acting like gay sex is a threat to their manhood. THOSE are the guys who secretly look down on you for being gay, not guys like Jaxon.

  7. Hi, Jaxon (!!!!!
    One thing you might not know: The sexuality of the actor is extremely important. If I discover that my favorite actor is straight, it means that on films he pretended orgasms and pleasure with another man and this destroys the fantasy of the public.
    It’s all very simple; We want real gay and bisexual men in gay porn. We do not want opportunists and straight men pretending to pleasure just to take your money and get out!

  8. Mostly it doesn’t matter. But it’s performers who say they’re gay and then say they’re bi and then say they’re straight and then say they’re gay and then say they’re bi and so on that just give off the vibe of being opportunistic depending on the situation

  9. Ha, I will guarantee you Jaxon does not own our site or work for us in any way.
    And, if you think even gay/bi porn stars are not pretending to have orgasms or pleasure, then you are sadly mistaken. Even women in straight porn pretend to have orgasms or pleasure.
    Porn is fantasy and a job. As long as someone does their job the right way, that’s what matters to most reasonable/sane consumers of porn. Besides, if they were so good at it that you didn’t know they identify as “straight” in their real life, then obviously they do their job VERY well and the should be applauded for that.

  10. I couldn’t disagree more. I know that some of my favorite gay porn stars are labeled Gat4pay. Guys like Branson, Stu, Jess et al of SC. Guys like Connor and Dawson of CF. Guys like Kris Evans of Bel Ami etc. They make some awesome gay sex videos. That said who really knows what sexual thoughts and desires are in another guys head.

  11. How sad is it that, in the gay community, if a man claims to be bi/straight/curious, it immediately raises his stock value?

  12. Can’t muster the energy to care. Let’s face it he’s not exactly pleasant to look at (he can’t even approach being hot) and I doubt that he i in Australia and works for Staxos (I live in Australia….and we gays here tend to go for more manly looking blokes)

  13. Perhaps the question has to be preceded by the conditional–
    when absolutely NO money is involved–
    is the performer gay, straight or omnisexual?

  14. Ding Ding Ding!!!
    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.
    By the way, I also have an Amazon Wish list if anyone wants to buy me a chicken dinner, lol…

  15. Does it also ruin your fantasy when you find out that Robert Downey Jr. isn’t Iron Man in real life? Guess what, Chris Evans isn’t Captain America either. Actors are hired to ACT. A lot of the time even the gay performers aren’t attracted to their scene partners. Does that also ruin your fantasy?

  16. “and we gays here tend to go for more manly looking blokes)”
    That is the case EVERYWHERE!!!!

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