Jimmy Johnson is now with Active Duty as James (tips @ James, Bo, NCBored, genesis157)

Jimmy Johnson did start in gay porn via Broke Straight Boys.

Jimmy_johnson_brokestrgihtboys_02 Jimmy_johnson_brokestrgihtboys_03 
Jimmy_johnson_brokestrgihtboys_05 Jimmy_johnson_brokestrgihtboys_06 

His most recent work were released by MEN.

Jimmy_johnson_men_02 Jimmy_johnson_men_03 

He is now the latest update at Active Duty using the name James.


It is not often that we get to see a guy at Active Duty who already had prior gay porn work. James sent me a list and I will post it soon.

35 thoughts on “Jimmy Johnson is now with Active Duty as James (tips @ James, Bo, NCBored, genesis157)

  1. Disappointing. I have no respect for anyone who decides to work for someone who hires and defends a neo-Nazi.

  2. I can’t help but laugh at gay people who are apathetic towards neo-Nazis. I actually feel sorry for you.

  3. What happened to Active Duty.
    They used to be such a great site..Dean, Thomas, Shane, Kody, Cole, Jake and that cute possible nazi dude whose name I forget.
    The quality has turned to shit lately.

  4. Their quality took a hit when they hired this “Mike” to shoot/direct some of their scenes. He’s not good at getting the shots and most of his models look like they’d rather be somewhere else than having sex. Kayden at least knows how to get a performance out of his models (even though I wish that he were in front of the camera again!).

  5. This guy just moved around studios to avoid bottoming, why does be still have a career? Also who is this neo nazi people are talking about?

  6. Ugh, one of the most boring gay porn stars EVER. He doesn’t kiss or suck any dick (from what I’ve seen) let alone get fucked. He just needs to move on to straight porn.

  7. There’s no money for a guy in straight porn and no one seems unwilling to hire him for doing what he’s willing to do in gay.

  8. Seeing as both Jimmy Johnson & Jack King are gone from MEN.com, I’m guessing too that they both refused to bottom.
    As for AD using a “non amateur” model, didn’t they use Brent Corrigan in a movie a few years ago?

  9. Straight up– Jimmy Johnson is one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen in my life. I literally cannot handle how fucking hot he is, even if he is a straight and largely mechanical performer. I’m not getting my hopes up that AD will have any more luck in convincing Jimmy (I mean, James) to bottom than either BSB or Men did, but still– I’ll take all the Johnson I can get!!!

  10. Your post is a joke, right?
    “Jimmy Johnson is one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen in my life”
    You desperately need to get out more, lol!

  11. Jimmy/James has kissed and sucked dick before but you have to be really bored to find it in the films that he has been in at Brokestraightboys.com and Men.com. I can save anyone the trouble in trying to find it to let you know it is nothing to write home to mom about. I know when he used to do pride events for BSB he had stated that he would not bottom for less that 10K back then. I don’t see that happening now as well. I did have a good laugh when I saw that he was versatile on Men.com when he started there considering that a dick has never been close to his ass in any film. Safe to say the marketing strategy of Men.com to garner some attention to him didn’t work. Go figure.

  12. I know he’s sucked dick at least two or three times.
    Once for Broke Staight Boys and once or twice for Men.com
    He’s one of the ones who have sucked dick on camera before but almost never does it.

  13. I think his name was Rocco…he’s one of the very few guys Jimmy actually kissed in a scene (it was pretty painful to watch)

  14. Hottest. Ever. In my life. It’s all true! And thanks, I’ll definitely be taking advice on getting out more from an internet porn forum troll. Cool.

  15. It’s amazing that these g4p guys can get away with sticking their dick in and not much else and still find work in gay porn.

  16. I’m black and I thought he was hot too. I saw the tats…and? Alot of people have tats and don’t know what they mean.

  17. Yeah. I think it was called “Drafted”. I think it was a collaboration with dirty bird productions.

  18. They get away with it because we continually support it. I don’t care if he ever kisses. Just keep a hard dick when you’re fucking and I’m alright with it…

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