Next Door Male VERSUS Next Door Ebony on Atk Polish (tip @ kromatoo)

Photos on the left are from the solo of Atk Polish released by Next Door Male last November 14, 2011. On the right are photos of Atk Polish released by Next Door Ebony last Wednesday, April 09, 2014.

Atk_polish_nextdoormale_versus_nextdoorebony_01 Atk_polish_nextdoormale_versus_nextdoorebony_02 
Atk_polish_nextdoormale_versus_nextdoorebony_03 Atk_polish_nextdoormale_versus_nextdoorebony_04 
Atk_polish_nextdoormale_versus_nextdoorebony_05 Atk_polish_nextdoormale_versus_nextdoorebony_06 

Both are from the same shoot, just different logos. Next Door Ebony is doing it again. The site was accused of using content from another porn site when it opened in 2012.

If you really miss Atk Polish, he is doing cam shows at Cam4 as dr9inch. He is a very demanding considering he is the one getting the tips.


On twitter, he described himself as a former solo masturbation porn star.

14 thoughts on “Next Door Male VERSUS Next Door Ebony on Atk Polish (tip @ kromatoo)

  1. A guy like that has no place in gay porn. Somebody needs to do something about that ‘tude.

  2. Hope all that attitude is paying his rent. He sure won’t be seeing any money out of me.

  3. Aren’t they the same studio, Next Door Studio? I don’t think it’s stealing, but just cross selling the product between platforms.

  4. I think it’s misleading, if not fraudulent, to repeat old content as though it’s a new update. Of course they’re not the first studio to do this. Cocky Boys re-published old content during one period a few years ago, and Southern Strokes as well. created a new category/site, Gods of Men, almost exclusively with videos pulled from their other sites/categories.

  5. I get what you’re saying. This is slightly different because subscribers at Next Door Male don’t necessarily have access to Next Door Ebony.
    Corbin Fisher is dong this now by releasing scenes from their defunct BiGuys site over on their site, American College Sex.

  6. I’ve subscribed to NextDoorWorld & Next Door Ebony was included, so I assumed NDE was always included. Looking at the individual sites, it’s not clear WHAT is included in subscriptions or if it differs from site to site. Nor can you see pricing until you actually start the purchase process. But I get email offers frequently.

  7. My goodness, you guys are just way too sensitive! There’s nothing wrong with that man’s attitude. He’s a straight guy doing X-rated camshows for mostly male admirers. I don’t blame him one bit for staying within his comfort zone and demanding that others respect that. Boring and monotonous? Yes. But “mean”/”bad attitude”/”asshole”? Not even slightly. The man’s still sexy as fuck, with a great body, beautiful smile and a voluminous cumshot!

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