Scene review of Alias74 on Cooper Reed and Jonas of Chaos Men


Overall Impression: Chaosmen is my "desert island" porn site (as in "if you were stranded on a desert island and could only watch one site") – creator/director Bryan Ockert has an amazing eye for filming porn between hot models who are mostly straight, gay for pay, and/or curious. And while the "gay-for-pay" conundrum seems to be a problem for other sites (cough, cough I'm looking at you NDS and, Ockert has an uncanny ability to coax appealing and boner-inducing performances from nearly all of his models. "Cooper & Jonas: PURE" is no exception!


Part of a theme series, this scene features two in-shape, big-CURVY-dicked hotties bone-ing away against a completely white backdrop (white bedding, white walls, white wrestling singlets – you get the point). Jonas is so cute with his blonde hair, pink skin (check out his beat-red, sunned face) and skater look, but the real star here is pro performer Cooper – the studly ex military, southern hottie, formerly of Sean Cody,, and Dominic Ford. His elfish, manly looks compliment his bouncing, power bottom style (apparently he likes pussy but knows how to squat and gobble dick!). The entire clip with its photography and editing has a real time, "fly on the wall" feel. Would have liked to have seen a more aggressive fucking from Jonas (he's essentially Coop's glorified sex toy in this clip), but again, this one's all about Cooper's bubble butt getting invaded! WANK WORTHY!


  • Calling all Wrestling Singlet fetishists – you'll love seeing the boys in them with huge snaking boners!


  • Real time 'snake charm' – When Cooper goes down on Jonas, I believe we're seeing a "snake charm", i.e. watching him go from limp to hard in Coop's mouth, all in real time.


  • Photography here is great – lovely shots of rimming action (Jonas has quite the snakey tongue – DUDE!), reverse cowboy bouncing and Ockert's signature close up creampie's!


  • Pretty much creamed my pants watching Cooper bounce, grind, and PWN Jonas' delicious curvy cock – Is there anything hotter than a beefy muscle bottom fucking himself while his long, ANTEATER TRUNK of an uncut cock bounces in there air?????
  • Hot Moment #1: At minute 25:10, upstage right……ATM!
  • Hot moment #2: When Jonas cums and creampies Coop's gaping hole, he jams his cock in and you can totally see his cock and balls twitching, pulsing, and throbbing from his orgasm! *swoon*


  • Not enough face-fucking or gagging in the oral section (minor quibble).
  • Completely white background is not conducive to catching cum shots – Cooper's is all but lost in the wide shots because of the "white-out". Thank the gods for the b and c camera replays.
  • Jonas is extremely passive in this video….he should have been PLUNDERING that hot southern hole with constant pounding….which brings me to my next "con"…
  • Cooper appeared to be having major probs taking Jonas' long and thick cock in all the way – watch the early going-on for his pained expressions and distracting eyeline (can't tell if he’s looking at a monitor or to Bryan off-camera for direction). Please also note the constant appearance of the "emergency brake", i.e. Cooper's hand on Jonas' thigh to hold him back and signal not to go in too far.
  • At minute 22:50 Cooper tries to spin around from reverse cowboy to cowboy without pulling off Jonas' cock…..not so much. FAIL!

4 thoughts on “Scene review of Alias74 on Cooper Reed and Jonas of Chaos Men

  1. I especially like to watch the more muscular macho guys like Cooper Reed give it up to the less muscular guys. It kinda helps debunk the idea that bottoms are weak or fem etc.

  2. I agree Cooper is spectacular here. Unfortunately, Jonas looked like he was doing hard math in his head throughout the whole video. “Passive” is one word you could use but I would add “bored” and “uninterested”. Most of Bryan’s G4P models at least go through the motions of putting on a good show.

  3. Not sure why you put CM in the “desert island” spot. I can think of MANY more that would fit the bill.

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