Sean Cody talked about Noel’s controversy in latest update (tip @ Jason)

If you haven't watched the latest scene at Sean Cody, it featured Noel, who got suspended from high school for his gay porn work. He is back in school and in gay porn.

If you haven't watched the scene, Jason sent me a transcript of Noel's conversation with Sean Cody.


Crew member ask basically, "Noel, how are you doing now that the storms died down? Tell me about it." 

"Noel" replies back: "Pretty good. Things are returning back to normal. Umm…"

Crew: "Glad to be back?"

"Noel:" Yeah! Very excited to be back!" (grin on his face)

Dennis interjects "I'm glad you're back."

Crew replies back, "Got ourselves a little celebrity?"

And then cuts off and moves on to the scene "plot."

12 thoughts on “Sean Cody talked about Noel’s controversy in latest update (tip @ Jason)

  1. Yo top it all, it’s a great scene with a good flip flop followed by a scorching shower fuck. Welcum back Noel…and you, too, Dennis. Hot couple.

  2. Noel is awesome to watch. He is a good looking young guy with a fun and adventurous personality. It is obvious that he likes the guy/guy sex and intimacy. He practically bubbles over with delight. He seems to get a crush on the guys he is pared with. That’s understandable since he has been paired with some really good looking muscular and really friendly and personable guys like Joshua, Stu and Dennis.

  3. I also like Noel. However your comment: “Str8 guys are always hot” is utterly stupid.

  4. yes he is, in his real fb (now deleted) when the ‘scandal’ was on the hot spot he said the only thing he wanted was “a girl by his side”
    str8 as they come… gay4payer boring as hell

  5. that just means he’s closeted; he was heavily bullied in his school for being gay

  6. I honestly don’t think they ever would have brought him back if it weren’t for the scandal. Noel is like a 6.

  7. I think Dennis is more than a 1 and really can’t understand that hate towards him.

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