Switching the letters R & Y for Steve Peryoux (tip @ Bo)

As Steve PeRYoux, he had a bareback scene (this month) at Str8 Hell but only two solos (Dec 2013 & Jan 2014) so far for its brother site, William Higgins.

  Steve_peyroux_williamhiggins_01 Steve_peyroux_williamhiggins_02 

From 2011 to 2012, he had seven scenes (two with Todd Rosset) released by Belami Online using the name Steve PeYRoux.


Bo observed "Not many Euro models go around using the same basic name at two major studios like this. However, I find no mention of him on the BA previews pages except in scenes, no separate model profile page that I could find."

So, is this proof that William Higgins conceded that Belami Online is the more popular site? By misspelling his name, this might bring surfers to his site via a search engine. Or, am I just over thinking it?

[2 in 1 promo for WH & Str8H]

6 thoughts on “Switching the letters R & Y for Steve Peryoux (tip @ Bo)

  1. BelAmi is by far the most popular gay porn site in Europe and has a lot more members than William Higgins. The style of filming is also totally different: WH has a more natural approach while BA scenes are with lots of cuts and close-ups (the influence of Cadinot on George Duroy cannot be overestimated). The current fashion is scenes with loads of cuts and close-ups as witnessed by the popularity of Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher.
    I think WH changed the name of Steve Peyroux to avoid an angry letter from BA. It is known to some in the Czech gay porn business that BA can be a little arrogant at times.
    If I remember correctly Steve said in a BA scene/solo that he was gay. However, in his session stills video for WH I heard straight porn in the background. In his WH solo scene (released next week) he will be asked if he is straight or gay. Curious to what the answer will be.

  2. Denz, just FYI, there are at least 4 Bel Ami Steve Payroux scenes that I know of.
    2 Condom scenes; one with Billy Cotton & the second a two-parter with Todd Rosset. Then there are 2 bareback scenes; one with Gaelan Binoche & the other with Manuel Rios.

  3. That’s an understatement; they can be catty with customers too.
    And, he might say he’s bi.

  4. Thanks! I edited the post. I think it is 7 (he had two with Todd Rosset – one top and the other one as a bottom)

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