21 thoughts on “Tanner of Corbin Fisher is now Phillip of Gay Hoopla (tip @ Joshua)

  1. He can certainly take Dimitry’s cock because he’s been fucked so many times in CF and CFSelect.

  2. Not sorry to see Tanner leave CF – while the dude is freaking hot with a rocking body – he was a lousy lay! You could tell he was told to say “f*ck me harder” etc. but never meant it. He never had a connection to his partner – he needs to try his hand at something else.

  3. Tanner is really hot, I’d love to see him in a 69 rimming scene with JJ swift, they would then use a double headed dildo and fuck each other until they cum 🙂

  4. I think he comes up with issues at each of his sites, probably gay though still trying to reconcile it. Hot many, wonderful bottom, great cum eater.

  5. Couldn’t have said it better myself….oh the $$$ lost on CF Select only to discover this fact.
    Dude may also eat cum….but he could only really cock so far in his ass without there being an edit.
    Find another way to make money, buddy!

  6. Wonder why he move?
    Tired of getting fucked? Guess what… He will still ended up as a bitch boy after getting his fucked so many times in CF. Haha

  7. People believe whatever they want. to this day ppl still think cody cum fucked a guy. some ppl are just delusional.

  8. Strange that QMN got invited to the CF Compound, but the comment section on his visit is closed. I wonder why???

  9. 1) CF is notoriously tight about the control with which they disseminate information about their performers or even allowing anyone in the hallowed halls of the offices. So that may have been a request by the CF.
    2) QMN is merely piggybacking off of the fact that at one point in time the comments section at Waybig had to be turned off for posts about Corbin Fisher. To make a long story short (TOO LATE!) – the comments section for Sean Cody at Waybig had to be closed because not only were the comments HORRIBLE and savage but commenters revealed and set up links to the performers’ REAL websites for modeling, FB, MySpace, etc. When that comment section got closed, the crafty commenters began flooding the CF comments with comments about SC (!) and then doing the same thing regarding the CF performers.
    Apparently Waybig now maybe moderates because comments are allowed now for both CF and SC.

  10. I’ll be honest, I don’t see the point of anonymity in porn. Someone is going to recognize you, so by all means use a stage name if you want, but is really that big of a deal people know who you are? In this day and age, there are no secrets, so just accept it if you’re going to do porn and enjoy the attention I say!

  11. I believe it–he’s terrible at gay sex. Hopefully he’s better in his personal life with the ladies…I’d put my bet on he’s not.

  12. Totally agree Reg. Why would anyone be shocked that someone gets “outted” in this day of 24 hour news, Google searches, etc. Is it right, maybe not but I came believe it doesn’t happen on a daily basis.

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