Tanner Whitlock moving from one cam site to another (tip @ dwd99999)

Tanner Whitlock first started doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free. But, that account has been deleted.


When his solo, as Jayson at Sean Cody, was released, he was already doing live cam shows at Randy Blue. He was online last Friday, according to his twitter account.


Also last Friday, he did a live cam show at Chaturbate. I think he did RB then Chaturbate since dwd99999 said he was online at 5pm Pacific time.


According to dwd99999 on Tanner "…toward the end of last night's show he jerked but could barely cum, just a few drops on his hand. I don't think he'll make much money with a lame load like that. After that he switched to a laptop, and took it with him while he showered. The shower was probably more interesting than the jerking. Least interesting, him trying to play guitar."

BTW, it's not uncommon for guys to do live cam shows on different websites.

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