29 thoughts on “The burglar in Max London (tip @ ddd)

  1. In many professions, you have to submit certain credentials to be considered for employment. Degree, certifications,licenses, vaccinations, etc..
    In the gay porn industry, it’s a criminal record.

  2. I feel sorry for these guys.
    They are so desperate for livelihood they would do anything just to survive or have reasonable living standards. It is sad what society – especially in the US – has become.
    I still don’t get how straight guys go for gay porn. I don’t get it. Do they just disconnect their mental state from their bodies and just go ‘che sera sera’? I mean, for us gays rimming is sexy. But how can a straight guy rim another guy for example? Don’t get it and probably never will.
    So yeh, I feel sorry for these guys with no options in life.

  3. These guys have no job skills and get sucked into the allure of fast money.
    I’m sure some of them are closet cases but I think most of them are destitute and would rather suck cock than take a low paying job.

  4. Someone once told me that no human behavior is hard to figure out, if you first figure out that they are human like yourself.
    And as a gay man, I guess that under dire circumstances, I’d force myself to fuck women for money. The only question is, how ‘dire’ are these str8t mens’ circumstances, that they chose this occupation?
    I guess that sucking cock for $1k per scene, beats digging ditches and laying bricks for $12 an hour?

  5. I don’t think he’s hot, but that’s just my two cents….this burglar guy isn’t my type either.

  6. I do not subscribe to the idea that these guys have no job skills or are these people who cannot do anything else. If a person decides to make adult entertainment as a career do so as a choice. They may do porn, go around the world as strippers, escorting, etc. That is what they choice and they need to have a mind for money to negotiate contracts,fees,hotel accommodations, etc. That doesn’t sound like someone who is lacking in job skills or work ethic.
    Those that chose this line of work do it more different reasons and come from different backgrounds and cultures. Painting them all with the same brush is an easy way out for some people who cannot comprehend why someone does this type of work. It allows the people watching these guys do some of the most intimate things on camera feel superior to them.
    Some of these guys know they have a certain amount of shelf life and make the most out of this work. They use their money to supplement their incomes while in college or a vocational school, they save their money, invest it and use this type of work as a means to an end. Then there are those that immerse themselves and it’s one big party and really fuck themselves up over it, They lose themselves to all the attention and people telling them how hot they are and worship them. The party doesn’t end well for those people.
    Max is damned hot, but he seems that there is a flaw in his character and that was there before he started doing porn. We all know that he is not by far the only one. What he did does not reflect the whole of people in porn.

  7. He’s an incredibly handsome guy (would love to see him in a porn as I’ve never heard of him before reading this) and I completely agree with the rest you wrote.
    I hate it when people lump together all porn ‘stars’.

  8. Dream on litper. There have been tons of g4p in gay porn. If it floats your boat to think that they are all gay or bisexual or somewhat gay, you are, of course, entitled to live in your fantasy land.

  9. “If it floats your boat to think that they are all gay or bisexual or somewhat gay, you are, of course, entitled to live in your fantasy land.”
    Says the deluded gay man who believes that a man who fucks more men than any admittedly gay man. LOL You should be the LAST person to talk about someone living in a fantasy land.

  10. Using your logic, any gay man that stays in the closet and only fucks women is actually straight right? Logic works both ways buddy.
    You don’t get to choose someone else’s sexuality. Maybe for you 40 year olds G4P is unimaginable, but we don’t live in the 80s were gay porn was exclusive to gay men. Gay porn is a profession, a taboo one, but a profession nonetheless.

  11. Damn, I was wondering where Max went. Such a gorgeous guy. He even has a hot mug shot. Who has a hot mug shot? Damn!

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