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  1. He’s not gay! In this week he fucked Ana Fox in a room hotel. They both are in a hotel waiting for to work for Kinki.com
    What type of “gay” is this that fuck girls?
    And he’s HIV+.
    Maybe Ana Fox is also HIV+

  2. He is gay. Married to a man. You must be some crazy stalker that is out to say he is not gay on every blog post. HE IS GAY.

  3. He is gay , if you miss it , he marriages his boyfriend David Last mont in L.A

  4. Stop fooling yourself, guys. He has had several girlfriends, meet women when he’s whoring and only defined as gay nowadays because he contracted AIDS.
    It’s like Alessio Romero. He has been married more than once. He has two children and now he says he is gay because it also has AIDS.
    For me, gay not have sex with women. If you have sex with women, you’re definitely not gay.
    And make no mistake in thinking that just because the Trenton being married to a man prevents him from having sex with girls. Make no mistake.
    He is so “gay” as Austin Wilde, who also pretends to be gay because he kisses girls in clubs and take them to his house.
    They just want your money, so they lie. And the fact of declaring as “gay” after contracting AIDS, makes it easier to be welcomed by the GLBT community. That’s what Josh West and Boomer Banks do.
    Open your eyes!

  5. Yeah, I don’t want to troll, but I did hear that he was HIV+…does anyone know that conclusively, because I think there was also some controversy about him filming bareback?
    I’d be quite alarmed if he was performing with negative performers and or without consent…

  6. I read something about him being positive on some blog or maybe in a blog’s comment section. If he is I hope his pattners know. DISCLOSURE is everything.

  7. Kink.com just released a scene where he fucked Kip Johnson…he wore a condom for that, but he did come on his face and in his mouth 🙁

  8. Guys, listen. He is so straight and do not support gay community. He always sex the girls and his gay marriage just a show.
    He is HIV+ and addicted to meth. He been in prison for many times and has been disowned by his own family. Once you get to know him, he steal from you and doesn’t care. He’s vey nasty and uncaring. How do I know? He’s a very good friend of mine.
    Open your eyes!

  9. trenton is not gay but bisexual, even bisexual men married to man they still get turned on and have sex with women as well.

  10. finally!! yes trenton is bi, i met him in seattle like a year ago, and he went home with a girl-friend of mine,

  11. 😩😩😩😩. Something is wrong here. If he is bi then why does he put gay on his online profile? I don’t put bi on any profile I create; I’m gay.

  12. I’m sorry, but if you are actually a straight man working in the gay porn industry — that is the lowest of the low.
    I wouldn’t presume to think that Trenton is straight, but, because of all those “blind” items a few years ago about a “gay” porn star who is really hetero, people are constantly questioning who that person is.

  13. I use a simple equation for gay porn stars. When a gay porn star says he’s bi that means he’s straight. When a gay porn star says he’s gay that means he’s bi. That way I’m never surprised to find out the guy has a wife/girlfriend. Simples.

  14. I doubt many people believe Trenton is straight. Bisexual however, certainly. This isn’t the first time this has been brought up about him. I’ve heard other accounts like gloria’s before as well.

  15. He did bareback porn with Blue Bailey a methhead who has it and I think the studio said they had the same HIV status.
    I think he also did a porn with Mike Dozer who also has it and was charged with child porn a while back and I think Trenton was one of Dozer’s defenders.
    Kind of makes me wonder if Tommy Defendi also has it since he has done scenes with 2 known HIV+ models (Dozer & Ducati). But I can’t imagine a G4P porn star staying in porn knowing they have HIV. Then again I can’t imagine a G4P star willingly doing a hardcore scene with an HIV+ model.

  16. I don’t know about the straight part but I totally believe you when you say he’s HIV+, addicted to meth and a thief. I always thought he was shady.

  17. Really? As many prejudices as there are in the gay community regarding people who are HIV+, do you think that they would be more welcome than anywhere else?
    It’s true that there are many bisexual men who, for some bizarre reason, masquerade as gay (and deliberately lie about it to their partners and cheat constantly), but I just don’t get why people would identify as “gay” when they are not. Especially because, in the case of porn stars, the backlash would be massive.
    Just look at what happened to Blake Riley.
    Your comments (as well as those of other posters) are interesting, though.

  18. If they can get away with it, it’s better business for them. Trenton would not be able to be as successful in this industry (talking about everything from porn to events, talent agency, escorting, etc.) as a bisexual man, which is what he is, because few people would genuinely believe it and most would assume he is G4P. Out of the majority of “bisexual” porn stars, VERY few are genuine. The most are straight guys lying to make it in the biz, and obviously most people see right through that. Most “gay” porn stars can’t be honest about their bisexuality for fear of being lumped with the fake bisexual guys who just use it as a means of getting ahead. Although, this in my opinion is far worse than any straight guy lying about being bi. It is very deceitful to fans. And when they get caught or called out on it, the sting will hurt far greater than if they’d simply been honest from the beginning. For example, like you said Blake Riley, but also Arpad Miklos, Logan McCree, Steven Daigle, Zack Randall, and some others I’m surely forgetting, but the point remains…just look at where their adult careers are now.

  19. no “straight” men in gay porn but I agree that many “gay” guys lie too and they’re bi

  20. Do you really think so? As obsessed as most porn consumers are with straight men, and how most of the married men and closet cases who hire escorts want a “real” man (in short, with hetero tendencies), do you think that it would be better business for them? Yes, they are huge stars, but so are many other straight(ish) men in gay porn.
    Thus, I have to wonder why these men would lie. It’s not like they are not going to eventually be found out, and their public will be angry beyond belief. Openly declaring themselves to be bisexual from the beginning would be a better business move… Or else, maybe they belong to the new crop of gay men who are “gay” but don’t mind having sex with women because “it’s just sex”?
    Anyhow, it all seems a bit gross.

  21. Did you mean Austin Wolfe?? Because where in the world are you getting this from about Austin Wilde??

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