Who had the hottest update this week?

Bad Puppy had a bareback scene with Milan Neoral and Vlado Tomek.


Lucas Entertainment [50% off] had a bareback double penetration of Jed Athens by Drew Sumrok and Nova Rubio.


Kristen Bjorn had a foursome [gallery] with Valentino Medici, Sergio Moreno, Wagner Vittoria and Diego (condom).


Belami Online had a bareback scene with Daniel Mathis and Brian Jovovich.


Corbin Fisher had the first bottoming scene of Colt by Jacob (aka Bobby).


Sean Cody had bareback scene of Cameron and Bryce [scene review].


MEN had a 5 man orgy with Asher Hawk, Dalton Pierce, Donny Forza (aka Troy, Leif etc), Jack King, Johnny Forza (condom).


Cocky Boys [3 in 1 promo] had a condom scene [gallery] with Tommy Defendi and Levi Michaels.


Broke Straight Boys had a scene with Paul Canon, the singer, and Jaxon Ryder (condom).


Chaos Men [$9.95 promo] had a bareback scene with Cooper Reed (aka William) and Jonas.


Sketchy Sex had a bareback threesome with former College Dudes Nate Oakley, Sam Truitt and someone (???) who looks like (but, not him) Bryan Cavallo.


Tim Tales had a scene with Tim and Sebastian Vleket (condom).


Next Door Buddies had the first time bottoming of Markie More with Cole Christiansen and Steven B (condom).


Randy Blue had a scene [gallery] with Paulo Maldini and Roman Todd, who is getting bigger each time I see him (condom).

Hottestupdate_randyblue_romantodd_01 Hottestupdate_randyblue_romantodd_02 

Active Duty released the first scene of James (aka Jimmy Johnson) with Niko and Tito (condom).


Falcon Studios had a scene [gallery] with Sam Northman and Mark Gabriel (condom).


Raging Stallion had a scene with Tony Orion and Fabio Stallone (condom).


22 thoughts on “Who had the hottest update this week?

  1. I can’t say which is best because I haven’t seen any of them (yet), but I find the CF scene with Colt & Jacob the most promising/interesting. With a shout out to my boy, Paul Canon, the singer! LOL

  2. CF’s scene was over the top and stale..my vote goes to Chaosmen, Jonas and Cooper were really hot together

  3. Jacob fucking Colt at Corbin Fisher. Colt had me at hello, and his ability to get me hard in seconds keeps getting better with every vid he appears in. Can’t wait for a flip-flop with Aiden or some such stud.

  4. My vote also goes to Chaosmen. The scene had just about everything I want in a vid. I watched most of the other scenes and thought they were too bland, lacking any real model chemistry that translated well to video. Kudos Bryan! And thanks for getting the guys to make out, extra thumbs up for that!!

  5. and they have this “I love your sexy body” script that is freaking annoying!

  6. Randy Blue got my vote. Roman Todd is hotter than ever and the new guy is HOT. Their kissing is HOT.
    The fake-fucking right before Roman came was NOT HOT, though…

  7. MORE FAKE FUCKING?!?!? I’m starting to lose faith in the industry!!! The video editors need some schooling dammit!

  8. Chaosmen for me then CF. Cooper Reed has a fantastic ass and makes a great bottom. He, Solomon, and Vander are the best Chaos have to offer right now and it is always a pleasure to see him bottom.
    Colt, at CF, did a great job for his first time bottoming scene (much better than that corpse Tanner ever has). But, to me, Jacob stole the show with his great body and his excellent fucking of Colt. I know there are many that don’t seem to like Jacob but, he has a great body and can fuck.
    The worst of the week goes to NDB for the fake fucking, limp dicked fiasco they called Markie More’s first time bottoming scene. I can’t believe a studio puts fourth that much effort to make such a lousy scene.

  9. Absolutely–best thing Cooper (aka William of SC) has ever done, looks like he might be moving closer to our side, and Jonas is just super. William is the star from his drooling over Jonas’ cock to his serious attempt to fuck himself. I will also give kudos to Bel Ami because the boys are well matched and Brian is going to be a major star now that they’ve poached him from Higgins.

  10. A lot of good choices. I gotta go with the muscular NYC Italian Roman Todd giving it up to another hot Italian Paulo Maldini. I’m a long time fan of Roman Todd. Loved him since I saw him getting fucked by the hunky Cuban Raphael Cedano. I love Roman and his new bigger muscles.

  11. I agree. The Next Door Buddies updating was majorly disappointing. Cole Christianson could not get it up at all. At least the other two put some effort into it, Cole faked it all.

  12. Yeah, I’ve heard that scripted phrase, along with a few others, one too many times from CF. Ugh!

  13. I agree, Bel Ami , in the last few years has consistently produced wonderful videos.

  14. Don’t know if it was stale so much as over the top and un-top worthy (as in Jacob should not have been doing the honors in terms of de-flowering Colt). Colt is fucking hot and it’s AMAZING watching his ass get invaded (there’s even some nice gape action).
    LOVED the Chaosmen clip…..check out my review here soon!
    DENZ…more research on the Bryan Cavallo doppleganger….he looks hot!!!!

  15. COOPER was fucking hot!!!! AMAZING clip….check out my review here soon!
    Feel like I missed out by not joining Lucas Entertainement…their bareback clips look HOT!
    FUCK NDB!!!!! Gay consumers should refuse to join or watch. At least with Men.com….you know they are fucking even if it’s robotic and horribly shot and edited.

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