21 thoughts on “Alec of Corbin Fisher VS Miller of Mormon Boyz

  1. I actually downloaded and watched both these vids earlier today, and I never noticed Elder Miller and Alec were the same guy. I do have to say, though, that I really liked the reach-around – one of my fave porn positions. Nice.

  2. He’s probably a goner at corbin fisher. A competing scene for a different company in the same time frame is a big nono to them.

  3. MMB was shot a month or so before CF knew about Alec. Hopefully he sticks with CF, such a babe.

  4. They weren’t released at the same time. Unless he gets a following he’s likely going to have to sit on his hands until his contract expires.

  5. If the shoot happened before CF then technically there would be no breach in contract. No one can control when other companies (smaller than CF) finish up editing and what not. Idk just as an outsider looking in, doesn’t seem like anything wrong.

  6. I prefer him as Elder Miller. MormonBoyz have no “straight” fetish and they really love showing the beauty of the male body!

  7. Jacob as Bobby at SC had his solo released on Nov. 22 2013. His second and final scene was released Dec.6,2013.
    CF their first scene with him as Jacob was released on Nov.25 2013. His Str8 scene for CF was released Dec. 25.2013. He also had a scene released on their site CFSelect on Dec.21,2013.
    As you can see he had his videos posted to both sites just days apart.

  8. Shooting dates tell the story. Then again cf no longer has the quality control they had a few years ago. Talent is more disposeable now.

  9. Solo’s aren’t action scenes which is ultimately what they want. Then again CF’s quality control has been extremely hit or miss lately. They used to do a lot of recruiting from Model Mayhem, but that site has turned into myspace for models. Also, they can’t rely on other models doing as much recruiting as they used to. Real names and identities have come out, which makes it difficult to tell your friend how great doing porn is and that no one will ever find out.

  10. We need to see more I’m gonna punish hands spanking bare asses in gay porn! I love it!

  11. Why isn’t the scene at Mormon Boyz of him getting fucked not a part of this post? or conversation for that matter? Just wondering?

  12. Denz, Thanks for the response. I see so much porn that I must have missed that some how.

  13. Jacob never had a solo posted on CF’s main site. The point was that you said he was probably gone because he had a scene at a competitive site along with his scene at CF. I just pointed out that, that is not always true. It’s been done before so there is no reason to think CF gave him the boot.

  14. Elder Miller/Alec is now “Brannon” at Chaosmen. At least Bryan has written that he has done previous work in the industry.

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