13 thoughts on “Cocksure Men buying more content from Eastern Europe

  1. I gave up on Cocksure a long time ago when they stopped using younger models and went more with the older hairy and bald daddy looking guys. Nothing wrong with that, but when they changed their stable I moved on; I doubt Eastern European porn is going to bring me back either since it is usually passionless by the numbers type of sex coming out of most of those studios. So nothing original like in the old days when it was helmed by different owners; but at least they can say they update weekly, right?

  2. I hate East Euro porn and guys. I am not buying what they’re selling anywhere, so this sucks for me as I usually like Cocksure’s bareback scenes.

  3. As long as they eat cum, I don’t mind. Under their original Higgins names, today’s update features David Skabeta (Grek) breeding and eating a bit of the load of Lucio Barese (Marty). Not bad, really.

  4. There’s Bel Ami’s Ennio Guardi there!!!
    Oh! By the way, he’s married….to a WOMAN!!!!

  5. Ennio has always said that he was straight. He never pretended otherwise. He does porn to support himself so he can focus on body building competition. I met him about 3 years ago when I was in Prague. Unfortunately no sex but my impression from our brief conversation is that he is as straight as he says he is. He’s not obnoxious about it and only says anything about his sexuality when asked. His response to the question about his sexuality was a kind of amusement at being asked as if there were no question that he is straight. He wasn’t defensive about it. There are few gay performers in mainstream gay porn produced in the Czech Republic. William Higgins, who was at a dinner gathering a few years before that I attended, said that if he took the straight performers out of his porn produced here that at least 70% of his best porn would disappear.

  6. depends on the model…Milos Zambo, Ivo Kerk, Honza Copak, Tomas Ride, Paul Fresh, Rado Zuska, Ondra Radni …I’ll wank to any scene any of them are in.

  7. It’s cheaper to buy foreign content then to produce original content. The Jake Cruise brand has been in trouble for awhile, I wouldn’t be surprised if they close down shop. They have already heavily scaled down production and are using D list talent.

  8. also, Higgins is a well known homophobe who worships heterosexuality, he still has a mindset when being openly gay was a crime.

  9. I don’t like it, and I don’t want my money going towards porn I don’t like. Looks like I’m going back to LucasEntertainment

  10. Well, he does have sex with men for a living, so of course his being married to a woman identifying himself as straight raises eyebrows as straight guys usually don’t do that.
    Yes, I’ve read that WH only hires these “straight” guys.
    Even Bel Ami has only had a few gay guys(Andre Pagnol, Ralph Woods)

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