Fake Cum? (written by Scott)

I've heard of this happening before, but I've never [consciously] seen it. Until now. I think.


The photo is a screen grab from Jaxson Colt's scene with Slate Steele at Next Door Buddies. This is what's presented as Steele's cumshot without ever seeing it fly out of his dick. Is this real? It doesn't look real to me. It looks like a gel lubricant squirted out of a bottle to me. Can you tell what it is???

[written by Scott, sent via email]

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  1. It’s cum-like stuff. Maybe spunklube. Need to check the spunklube site to find out if the studio uses this

  2. Maybe Slate Steele just couldn’t cum that day. But given how scorching hot bottom Jaxson Colt is, I find that hard to believe. 😉

  3. It could also be a mixture of granulated sugar and water simmered over a medium heat until the sugar dissolves and become a clear viscous gel. I can’t really tell from the photo, but it looks like it might have been flavored with pure almond extract or possibly imitation coconut extract after it sufficiently cooled

  4. I’m betting it’s a common practice. You guys are forgetting how incredibly challenging it can be to film a professional sex scene. We’re not talking about home movies of a casual encounter. A professional porn has to be lighted just right, with every camera angle and moment considerated.
    Sometimes, even a pro cannot manage to orgasm under those conditions. They have two options. Omit the cumshot of the hesitant performer (which also happens). Or cut away to a faceshot of the guy moaning in ecstasy, then cut back to a fresh puddle of cum that’s appeared out of nowhere (when we all know he did not really orgasm)

  5. I’ve seen a lot of cum shots that look so fake–very obviously (to me) superimposed on the film or videotape. And then the cum itself often looks like white glue–I’ve never seen cum looking so white in real life!!!

  6. It’s becoming more and more common, for certain. I understand porn is a ‘fantasy’ first and foremost, and sometimes at the end of the day the filmmakers need a little help to make the fantasy happen, but when studios like Lucas tout ‘bareback scenes’ to get new subscribers and then use the fakest looking cum you can imagine, it actually takes me OUT of the fantasy.
    It’s not just the pure whiteness and glue-like consistency that looks fake- it’s the amount. Unless it’s a hardcore gangbang scene like the raunchiest Treasure Island movie, a gallon of cum isn’t going to flow out. It’s ridiculous what they think looks ‘hot’.

  7. It’s definitely not the first time NDS have done this. I was disappointed that one of my favourites had to resort it in his only action film. I guess that’s why he didn’t come back.

  8. Watch a Sketchy Sex scene almost every one of their cum shots looks extremely white like this. How do you think their performers shoot multiply times in one scene?

  9. With regard to unrealistic amounts, I think Gay Room is/was one of the worst offenders. EVERY performer there seemed to produce a cupful! It became a real turn-off for me.

  10. to Michael B.-
    you inferred that much of the cum in Sketchy Sex
    videos is fake. but if you see it burst out of a
    guy’s cock how can it be fake cum?

  11. NYSM is another site that is notorious for having faked cum shots. They will often cut away at just the critical moment and then what they film ends up looking like some stagehand is tossing a handful of toothpaste or spackle onto the stomach of the bottom from the sidelines. (Not that it’s any surprise NYSM needs to fake their cum shots, since half their guys don’t ever get erect anyway.)
    Frankly, I’d rather a clip end without any cum shot at all than have it be an obvious fake!

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