Flip fuck with Kellan and Trenton

I know what you are going to say, the Kellan and Trenton scene is not a flip fuck. Let me explain. 

Last August 24, 2013, CF Select released a scene of Trenton as a bottom to Kellan. 


Today, Corbin Fisher released a scene of Kellan as a bottom to Trenton. 


Both scenes used the same painting, side tables, & lamp. It makes me think both scenes were filmed one after the other, just moved from the living room to bedroom.

8 thoughts on “Flip fuck with Kellan and Trenton

  1. I really don’t think these scenes were filmed sequentially. The sets don’t change frequently, but why should they? It’s a frivolous expense. Trenton and Kellan were also paired in Tahoe. I think it’s just a case of repetitive pairings.

  2. I’m just delighted that Kellan (aka: Cody Blackford @ RB) is still working for CF considering his negative comments regarding Corbin’s inequality and favoritism practices with his models.
    Looks like Kellan’s CF-Fan popularity softened Corbin’s heart in Kellan’s favor. It’s nice to know that Corbin even has a HEART. “All The Best Kellan”!! LOL!!!

  3. This scene was a bore. Kellan wasn’t hard throughout the majority of it and Trenton had wood problems too. It was yet another CF scene where the models sleep walked through it.

  4. Where did he make these alleged comments? ANd when did Kellan join RB?
    Have I been asleep in a cave for the last month….oh wait.

  5. Love Kellan and Trenton. Two hot guys. CF continues producing good hot guy/guy sex scenes.

  6. I don’t think the two scenes were shot close together in time. The density and length of Trenton’s sideburns differs too greatly.

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