Fratmen Damon aka Jesse John is part of the cast of Club Escape at E!

He was first known as Damon of Fratmen, where his solo was released in 2006.


He is now known as Jesse John at Flirt 4 Free, he is currently in a show, as of this writing.


He shared in his live cam show at Flirt 4 Free that he is part of the cast of Club Escape at E! as Jesse Blum.


From Club Escape on E!Jesse Blum, 28: Blum, a nursing assistant who is tired of cleaning bedpans, working 80 hours a week and taking care of sick people, is now known more as a web-cam model than health care provider.” The show will air next month, June 08, 2014.


80 hours a week as a nursing assistant? I’ve seen him almost every day doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free. Where does he find the energy?

FYI Damon is not new to reality shows, he was also on MTV’s Meet The Parents.