24 thoughts on “From Spencer Jones to Cody Sky to Richie Black (tip @ Kalihi)

  1. His work as Spencer on RB was better than any straight porn of his I’ve seen. Would’ve loved to see him get busy with Richard Pierce. Maybe his career move(s) have been inspired by all the pot he’s constantly tweeting about, the sad fucker.

  2. That’s what I noticed as well. I’ve watched several of his straight porn scenes because he is just too fucking gorgeous. One of my faves. But he seems better at fucking guys. And maybe enjoys it more as well. Hope he changes his name again and moves back to gay porn. 🙂

  3. Kudos to him for sticking with what he likes….but judging from the comments here, he’s better at fucking guys.
    Money can be such a powerful motivator….

  4. I enjoyed his gay porn videos to be honest. Looks better with hair, though.

  5. He may be straight and prefer to fuck women, but his gay scenes were fantastic. His straight scenes are lackluster at best. And he’s not the only straight guy who did gay porn and jumped to straight porn to be like that. It’s kinda funny how supposedly straight guys who are strictly gay-for-pay are much better at gay sex than straight sex. Things that make you go hmmmm.

  6. Maybe his straight scenes are lackluster because the women in straight porn won’t tolerate the kind of hard pounding that you see in gay porn. These women’s biggest concern is not having their money-maker become sore since they’re working more often than the guys. Its not just Cody/Richie since I’ve seen other guys who work both sides of the street who always seem to take it easy on the whore when they’re doing straight scenes.
    Or maybe he’s just too baked on weed, since his twitter motto is “Eat. Gym. Eat. Smoke. Wank off.”

  7. Idk how great his gay scenes were…there’s one at RB where he literally gags while sucking dick, and not from deepthroating. He gags while going to lick on some balls. It was one of the few times I’ve really felt like a guy was doing gay porn but wasn’t really into gay sex. Usually I don’t buy the gay-for-pay BS but it seemed legit with him in that scene.

  8. By whatever name: he is one freakin sexy hot guy. Love to see him in more guy/guy action.

  9. Well, Sort of. He has done i think 3-4 Tgirl scenes. He rims the tgirls but doesnt suck or touch cock. But in at least two of those scenes he barebacks which is hot. Also, he has been doing some cuckold stuff where the [ugly] guys suck him off, jerk him off, but ultimately he only kisses, eats the vaginas, fucks the chicks. He wont touch the guy, only the guy touches him but he doesnt make eye contact with them, really only pays attention to the chicks. Both are huge steps IMO. Whether he comes back to GP I think he might be open to bit tbh, when i used to follow his twitter, I asked if I could post pixes of him during his Randy Blue days and he said he would retweet that shit. So at one point it seems he was ashamed, but seems to have come at least 3/4 circle by fucking tgirls and doing pretty bi stuff in cuckold scenes.

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