Jess is out of Sean Cody (tip @ Brett)

Jarek (aka Jarec Wentworth) revealed in his live cam show at Randy Blue that guys leave Sean Cody after reaching a certain amount of videos.

The post above was asked to be removed by another studio due to the
last statement (removed from the image above) and comments.

Now, it happened to Jess. Jess had 21 hardcore scenes (excluding the behind the scenes) as the top released by Sean Cody.


Why am I saying he is out of Sean Cody? Jess is now known as Tony Kush at Flirt 4 Free. All models of Sean Cody are exclusive to them for a period of time. So, it means the contract of Jess has expired.


In his profile, it said he was straight. In fact, he did a live cam show with a woman named Veronica.