Jess is out of Sean Cody (tip @ Brett)

It happened to Jarek, who had more than 25 videos at Sean Cody. Jarek (aka Jarec Wentworth) revelead in his live cam show at Randy Blue that guys leave Sean Cody after reaching a certain amount of videos.

The post above was asked to be removed by another studio due to the
last statement (removed from the image above) and comments.

Now, it happened to Jess. Jess had 21 hardcore scenes (excluding the behind the scenes) released by Sean Cody, all of it were of him as a top, with and without condoms.


Why am I saying he is out of Sean Cody? Jess is now known as Tony Kush at Flirt 4 Free. All models of Sean Cody are exclusive to them for a period of time. So, it means the contract of Jess has expired.


In his profile, it said he was straight. In fact, he did a live cam show with a woman named Veronica.


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  1. they are fucking STRAIGHT, MONEY can buy anything include converting their heterosexuality to homoflexible.

  2. ur clearly on something because jess most def. knows how to fuck. I think your letting ur dislike for him cloud ur judgement

  3. oh man gonna miss him for sure I wanted to at least have him go to town on duke before he left. This is stupid if other porn stars like jimmy durano have filmed 100’s of scenes why not the guys at Sean cody? I wish sean cody would at least let us know like they used too before like they did with harley. And to the haters keep on hating. Every time a model at this studio becomes great people bash on him, I can name a whole list. Let them do their thing. The only models I cant stand are stu and brandon because some fans put them way too high on a pedestal and think they can do no wrong but are quick to unleash a can on others. At least Sean cody still has a great archive and still finding great models so I’m still good to go lol

  4. I agree with everything you said except the comment about Stu and Brandon. I do put Stu and Brandon on a pedestal, but I don’t “unleash a can on others”. Hey a guy’s gotta have idols.

  5. A lot of the “Gay4Pay” critics think that if you identify as straight and date women in your private life, you can’t enjoy an intimate physical sexual encounter with a good looking guy. That is just not true. When I asked Harper of CF ( who ids as straight and has a girl friend),on Flirt4Free, if he is 100% straight: he said ” nobody who does what I do is 100% straight”. Not everybody fits into easily understood sexual categories.

  6. Jess was most definitely dating Bryan Singer for a while, the director of X-Men who has been accused of sexual assault on 15 year old boys. Now, it’s possible that Jess was still “gay4pay” while dating a rich 40-something Hollywood director, but at a certain point, you have to be at least a little bit bi to have a full on relationship, even with someone rich.
    As others have pointed out, this guy doesn’t have the tattoo and is much younger (and skinnier, if that’s possible!) than the real Jess. Maybe it’s his younger brother? Or just someone who looks like him.

  7. I know that SC wants to distinguish themselves from CF with their 5+ year models, but I’d do anything if they’d raise the max limit so we could have a dozen or so more Calvin and Jamie scenes!

  8. I mainly focus on the bottom in any scene, but it’s also important to have an attractive top and Jess certainly was that. My fav was Jess & Max and a few others. But in very few of them did he ever seem connected to his partner or had chemistry that would’ve made his performances convincing. But due to the fact he never had a problem with wood, he was a reliable top and that’s the most important thing when doing porn. So, I’ll miss him, but I also have the feeling he really didn’t enjoy having sex with men anyway so there’s really no loss on either side. We have his performances to remember him by, so I’m satisfied to see him go.

  9. Now, Jarec I am sorry to see leave SC. He was versatile so there was something different to see. Jess on the other hand only topped so that made him boring to me.

  10. A lot of good Jamie scenes in the Archives but Oh how I would love to see him back.

  11. According to Jess’s “Tony Kush” profile at Flirt4Free, he is 21 and his birthday is April 20. Based on that info, he was born April 20, 1993, and he would have been only 17 when his first Sean Cody video was published May 31, 2010. And since there can been as much as 6 months between shooting and publication, he could have been 16 when the movie was shot.

  12. Jarek did 29 SeanCody videos (excluding behind the scenes) and Jess did 22 (not 21). So if Jarek left Sean Cody “because they only allow them to reach a certain number of videos,” it seems unlikely that that was the reason Jess left Sean Cody. Or did the limit changed from 29 to 22?
    We don’t know why (or even if) Jess “left Sean Cody,” whatever that means, since SeanCody performers are independent contractors, not employees, and SeanCody doesn’t commit to hiring them for future movies even if they are “exclusive.” Furthermore, not all SeanCody performers are exclusive. Sean Cody’s Ajay did many SeanCody movies, then did movies for other studios, then did more SeanCody movies.
    “Exclusivity” with Sean Cody (and RandyBlue and many other studios) means nothing more than that you agree not to work for a competitor during the “exclusivity period” (typically 90 days). Exclusivity is not a promise to hire you. SeanCody does not require performers to agree to exclusivity, nor can they legally do so. They pay the performer a few extra hundred dollars to agree to exclusivity.
    Sean Cody pays top dollar per movie but doesn’t promise to hire you again. You basically have to wait for the phone to ring.
    Many performers that are “exclusive” to some studio also do cam shows on sites that are not affiliated with that studio. This is quite common.

  13. Jess was probably my favorite Sean Cody performer. He was a great, sexy top. I also like that he wasn’t completely shaved. Only thing that could have made him sexier was if he had some more fur. Bummer he’s gone.

  14. Jess is one of my all-time SC favorites, I’d be happy seeing him fuck every guy at SC. I’d be happy to see Brooks and Stu fuck every guy at SC, and I’d be happy to see every guy at SC fuck Blake. When I’m into a guy I don’t get tired of seeing him. I got tired of Dean immediately but hey, different strokes…

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