POLL Would you welcome back Cody Cummings with open arms or a middle finger?

Cody Cummings is coming back at CodyCummings.com.

BREATH, either you are a lover (heart pumping fast due to excitement) or a hater (hyperventilating) of Cody.

In the preview video from CodyCummings.com to be released this coming May 23, 2014, Cody uttered the words “How are you guys doing? I am Cody Cummings and this is Cody Cummings dot com. I didn’t think I’d be saying that again.

(Video borrowed from QMN on YouTube)

Would you welcome back Cody Cummings?

38 thoughts on “POLL Would you welcome back Cody Cummings with open arms or a middle finger?

  1. Who the F#CK cares about this has been?. He had a website aimed at gay men for five years and NEVER delivered the goods so to speak. Now he’s got his “name” back!?!?!?!
    Bitch plouise, you’re yesterday’s news and we’ve all moved on. Go pound pussy since you love it so much and leave us alone. Waste of time, energy and money.

  2. Don’t see what the big deal is. If you hate him, don’t watch. If he’s the type of guy who pushes your buttons, then it’s a good day.

  3. I don’t understand the vitriol towards him. What have I missed? I think he’s hot. As far as I care, he can fuck girls and guys, or just girls or just guys. But yeah, if he’s going to come back to do the same boring inauthentic shit as before, then I won’t watch.

  4. Cody Cummings has given us some of the most tepid fucking ever put on modern video. In his straight scenes he’s detached at best, and he’s utterly disinterested and uninvolved in his supposedly gay scenes. In short, he has no business being in porn. Sure, he’s got a great body from head to toe, but porn videos nowadays (usually) demand more than just a pretty face and hot bod. They demand genuine performances. Cody Cummings doesn’t perform, he endures simply for a paycheck. That’s pathetic in my book.

  5. What the fuck is wrong with Next Door World? One week you see a pretty hot update and then the next week, classic failure.
    Do they even know what it takes to make decent porn—I refuse to say quality porn. Get two moderately attractvee guys, get them naked, have them blow each other, fuck in three positions, and then blow their loads. Men.com has the formula down pat.
    Even their twink scenes are lacking which is sad considering they are using some of the same twinks frok helix studios. Helix knows what to do with those boys, next door obviously does not.
    So now Cody Cummings has returned. Is this a return to next door? If so, they are truly sad people and should drown thenselves in a puddle.

  6. I happen to really like many of the gay porn models who are or are labeled Gay4pay. Guys like Brandon of SC, Kris Evans of BA, Connor of CF and many others. They get involved with their partners. They have hot intimate sex with them. They are great performers. Not Cody Cummings. He merely allowed himself to be serviced. Not someone I want to see back making, only what those easily pleased would call, gay porn.

  7. Not a big shocker. He has no education nor job skills outside of porn and stripping. Child support payments aren’t cheap and I doubt he has much money left. Next Door Male has been flailing for quite some time. This seems like a last gasp for air.
    He put up a video right after he left next door saying that his daughter won’t have anything to do with him because of porn. I guess he doesn’t value his relationship with his daughter very much.

  8. Has anyone else noticed that his favorite item of clothing is that white watch?

  9. He never did anything I ever had the slightest interest in watching, so I will continue to not care if he does or doesn’t do “porn”.

  10. Agreed. I think he is only two years older than me but he looks like he could be ten years older

  11. The thing I don’t understand about Nextdoor Studios is they give the hottest guy, in my humble opinion, they had, Slate Steel, the boot for allegedly refusing to make out with his partners, but who would suck and take it up the ass, but they give this doucher his own site back? WTF? Is it just me, or wouldn’t you guys rather trade out kissing for a hot bottom g4p boy, who deep throats like a champ! Apparantly what gay guys want in their porn is some art school students rendition of gay porn. Give me a break!

  12. Art school student rendition of gay porn is a reference to BS scenes like shadow kiss. Really? Does Cody get off to some barely even softcore BS? Doubt it! ut that’s what he gives to us because he says his target audience isn’t gay men, it’s women, who like to see to guys mess around with each other!

  13. Never watched him and never will. I can’t imagine with so many haters how he even stayed on as long as he did. I say vote with your wallet and don’t shell out a dime for poor performance .

  14. He certainly gets you guys riled up. Never seen his stuff. Never will. He looks like life has been tough on him since he’s left porn.

  15. Leave us alone, its opportunistic motherfucker! Go make another public fool to get your money to support your son.

  16. Haha, damn, he has little love. I say, sure come on back…I don’t care. Maybe he’ll take it to a new level, maybe he won’t, but I give two shits what he’s doing in his little world on that little site.

  17. Everyone who thinks he might do more now and is excited about that is a Sucker and is why really awful studios like Next Door survive. Just keeping giving them your money and Cody will keep up the tease. Those guys also belong to GayHoopla and think its a big deal that they post a poorly-filmed hardcore scene, usually featuring one of three guys, about once a month.

  18. What do you think Cody will say next?
    Unless it’s “You’ll all get to see me suck cock (aside from my own) and get fucked!” I don’t think more than a handful of people would care.

    He has leached/vampire sucked/tricked enough gay consumers that NO ONE should patronize him……unless he ponies up and starts getting fucked, eating cum, actually fucking for more than 40 seconds with a hardon.
    DUDE….just go to straight porn. It’s what you wanna do! Hook up with James Deen or Evil Angel and start banging chicks and directing.
    Oh wait….you probably are blacklisted as a crossover. Oh well….consider massage or personal training.

  20. Personally I have never followed Cody because he has never really bottomed. I find him quite attractive and would welcome a scene where he enthusiastically bottomed. There are alot of guys who tend to the straight side of things yet have bottomed…I look at porn to see tall, masculine men bottom. If Cody decides to take a few dicks, I am sure it will increase his popularity. It would be hot to see him gang banged by a few guys he fucked in the past.

  21. They probably didn’t want him considering he’s done gay porn. Not many gay porn stars can cross over well. At least Seth Gamble/Troy Gabriel, Braden/Criss Strokes and some others were able to cross over without issues. Then there are those who barely could then fuck themselves over by opening their mouths. I’m looking at you, Phoenixx Saint.

  22. What he should do is take a note from James Huntsman. James is hot and didn’t do any hardcore stuff before but now he’ll at least fuck a dude. He won’t kiss or suck but at least he’ll fuck.

  23. He wasn’t trying to. He has a daughter and working in porn of any type has damaged their relationship. He tried to get out of porn all together for her. Sadly he wasn’t able to find any other kind of regular work. He did some a little modeling but it wasn’t a regular thing.

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