The model in Reece of CM (tip @ crakpot)

The scenes of Reece of Chaos Men were released in 2008, where he had 5 scenes (no bareback).

Modelin_reece_chaosmen_02 Modelin_reece_chaosmen_03 

He joined Model Mayhem in 2009 and his last logged in was this month.

Modelin_reece_chaosmen_04 Modelin_reece_chaosmen_05 
Modelin_reece_chaosmen_06 Modelin_reece_chaosmen_07 
Modelin_reece_chaosmen_08 Modelin_reece_chaosmen_09 
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Chaos Men VS Model Mayhem (no photos after 2010)

Modelin_reece_chaosmen_10 Modelin_reece_chaosmen_11

13 thoughts on “The model in Reece of CM (tip @ crakpot)

  1. Why does every fuck face with a great body think they can be a model? (And yes, for anyone interested, I’m a VGL hot fashion model.)

  2. He looks super hot in that last picture, but IDK why so many people want to be models, or expect to work as models. The hubris is staggering.

  3. Beginning of late to believe that porn does not do a body good. Their model pictures are hotter and hairier.

  4. Its the American Dream — getting paid lots of money for doing as little as possible. At least that’s what they seem to think. And it beats working at fast food for minimum wage, which is the only thing most of them are qualified for.

  5. I’m surprised he’s still doing this. I haven’t heard from him in such a long time, I assumed he dropped off the spotlight.

  6. Hot guy….so NOT going to make it as a model.
    Find another occupation, bro!

  7. Many thanks for this posting. I had not seen him for several years since Chaos. Looks like he still has a smoking hot body. I applaud his effort. It’s not easy in the first place, and the older one gets the harder it gets to stay in shape. I don’t know what he does for a living, but give the guy a break. Looks like he has successfully crossed over apparently gets clients and photographers who still find him attractive and marketable. Nay sayers are probably just jealous! If you are reading this Dave, following the advice on your T-shirt, “Nobody ever achieved greatness by asking for permission”. Pursue your dreams!

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