Then & now on Jason Phoenix as guy #2 of Sean Cody (tip @ Ryan)

When I got the tip, I thought it was referring to this Jason Phoenix.


It seems there are now two porn stars named Jason Phoenix. The other one currently works for Channel 1 Releasing.


He did have a porn past. He was guy #2 in Sean Cody's Audition 34, released in 2010.


Prior to being an exclusive to Channel 1 Releasing this 2014, he did a solo shoot for Island Studs using the name Troy and str8 porn using the name Jason Rites.

Jason_phoenix_aka_troy_islandstuds_01 Jason_phoenix_aka_troy_islandstuds_02 

2010 VERSUS 2014

Thenow_jason_phoenix_seancodyguynumber2_05 Thenow_jason_phoenix_seancodyguynumber2_04

Jason Phoenix confirmed on twitter that it was him at Sean Cody.